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Hey INTJs, I have a question.

What's your attitude toward social media?

I've met two INTJs now who said they browse things like Facebook quite actively but never post their own stuff, for fear of embarrassment.

Is there some underlying INTJness going on here?
My attitude toward social media has been ever-evolving, honestly. Six years ago and earlier, I generally despised it and only used it to keep in touch with people I cared about. I didn't post and kept as much information about myself private as possible, save for a profile picture or two.

Three years ago or so, in the course of my efforts to develop myself personally, I read some books on personal branding and decided to build out a LinkedIn profile and polish it up a bit, putting myself out there more. Within a few weeks of putting up that profile, I got a job offer to the company I'm currently with.

From there, I have really polished up my profile and now post content fairly regularly and have for some time now. I'm more engaged with social media as a way to generate sales leads, cultivate a personal brand and awareness within the community I serve, and to deliver content to the people in my personal network.

I posted a video not too long back but I despise them personally. It's out of my comfort zone, though I'll be delivering a webinar soon for my work and will probably get into this more. It's still an area of discomfort but I imagine that will change within the next year or so.

So, my relationship with social media has been ever-evolving. I've definitely changed my attitude toward it but approach it in a highly utilitarian way. I see it as a valuable tool for sales, marketing, branding, and networking.

(As an afterthought: I never avoided posting out of embarrassment, I just preferred having conversations with people over shoving thoughts into the void. Posting seemed to be an activity that was fairly meaningless--one might as well by writing into a journal or something and that's not something I really do either.)
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