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Astrological Planetary Archetypes vs. Jung-based Typologies

This is a comparison of eight of the core astrological 'archetypes' to the actions and information types, and cognitive functions of Jung-based typologies.

For the uninitiated, the planetary archetypes correspond to the planets in natal charts, when their angles and positions in the sky are cross-analyzed and their archetypes are synthesized according to the analyses to form predictions.

For this system, I am focusing on the archetypes themselves, which are consistently described independent of charts by various astrologers

As such, this comparison doesn't mean that an extrovert or extroverted thinker receives more cosmic rays from the planet Mars – just that extroverted behavior is often associated with Martian themes, and that an extroverted thinker might sympathize with the higher life themes and attitudes associated with the archetype of the planet Mars.

I find some of similarities pretty compelling, but I am interested in others' feedback to see just how out of my mind I might be

The information is numbered as follows:

1. Planetary Archetype, key words/themes and experiences of each archetype
2. Personality Attributes, types of action and information
3. Cognitive Functions, mental processes

1. Uranus:
At best:
Originality, inventions, breaking from the past, bohemian, freedom, creativity, forward-looking, originality, discovery, innovation, progression, novelty, ingenuity, spark of intuition, quirkiness
At worst:
Regression, loss of foundations, being thrown into chaos, disruptions, rebellion, irresponsibility, relativistic
2. Perceiving/Perception
The state of taking in and perceiving information and ideas, of not converging on conscious or unconscious conclusions/judgment
Focused on exploring options, trying things out, preferring novelty over repetition, does not decide until necessary or exceptionally sure
May not grow sufficient life structure or criticality
3. Extroverted Intuition
Perceives through abstract patterns built from immediate sensorial reception and memory – tastes, smells, sounds, visuals… -- to connect to subtle, emergent possibilities for altering or innovating the world around them. Enjoying being silly and playful without shame. Energizes others in its vision of future possibilities; feels a sense of oneness in the perceived unity of all things

1. Saturn
The Good:
Discipline, responsibility, limitations, restriction, delayed gratification, tradition, structure, order, past experience, boundaries, responsibilities, commitments, rules, regulation
The Bad:
Rigidity, dogmatism, holding on too long, fear of the unknown
The state of formulating ideas, responses, minimizing extraneous stimulus from external and internal environment
2. Judging/Judgment
Focused on what is known or proven, the formulation of opinions and belief, operates from set structures, editing themselves only when necessary or when exceptionally sure
May not grow sufficient open-mindedness or tolerance towards uncertainty
3. Introverted Sensing
Perceives the present through bodily sensations that are connected to the past, collecting an extensive range of learned facts and memory, can feel a sense of oneness with the past through tradition and ritual; prefers sticking to known structures and experiences, and excelling as a foundational and respectable member of a community

1. Jupiter
Exploring ideas, formulating ideology, ethical and moral values, benevolence, honor, blessings, tolerance, expansive, gratitude, bounty, good will, mercy, good humor, collaboration, facilitation, gift-giving
blind optimism, excess idealism, laziness, illusion of infallibility
The state of perceiving or judging inwards
2. Introversion – Internal Action
Prefers not to initiate, edits their expressions, leans on internal perceptions and memory, requires reflection time to grow, prefers a path of idealism
May not grow sufficiently assertive to test or manifest internal structures
3. Introverted Feeling
Strives for integrity and consistency in its ideals. Concerned with internal sense of right and wrong, and keeping consistent to these principles. Highly in tune with the emotional subtleties and essence of other people. Selective concerning when something is worth standing up for.

1. Mars
Energy, passion, determination, command, confidence, ambition, competition, courage, assertion, stamina, action, forthright
impatient, forceful, impulsive, aggressive, illusion of invincibility
The state of perceiving or judging outwards
2. Extroversion – External Action
Prefers to keep active and honest with others and in activities, leans on external feedback, prefers a path of pragmatism
May not grow sufficiently reflective to question and improve external habits
3. Extroverted Thinking
Focuses on maximizing efficiency in the outside world, including solving problems or managing situations. It accepts flawed means if they still accomplish a goal, becoming impatient if no measurable results are made. Desires to build from and lean on structure and order; notices inconsistencies in logic and reality. Competitive and thrives on satisfaction from accomplishment.

1. Venus
At best
Love, romance, emotional harmony, appreciation, attraction, arts, possessions, sensuality, sentiments, pleasure in life, charm, taste, attachment
At worst
superficial, indulgent
2. Feeling
Personal sentiment, personal concerns, compassion, harmony-oriented, values-oriented.
May be tactful over truthful
3. Extroverted Feeling
Seeks optimal social relationships and interactions, recognizes how to bring social harmony; modifies behavior to conform to perceived and stated desires of others; desires opening up others.

1. Mercury
Communication, intellect, logic, thought expression, quick thinking, dexterity, perceptiveness, deconstruction, analysis, sorting, technical, intelligence, memory
Illusion of solidity of ideas and beliefs, logocentrism
2.Thinking – Measurement
Impersonal results, technical, logical, precise, categorical, explicit understanding. Task-oriented, solution-oriented.
May emphasize measurement over experience
3. Introverted Thinking
Uses an internal system for analyzing and categorizing everything; takes concepts apart to understand underlying principals; presumes a logical order to the universe; finds the best words to express a concept with clarity and brevity.

1. Ceres
Cultivation, nourishment, devotion to others, collective needs and norms
2. Sensation – Concrete
Our connection to what we consume, the planet, products, icons
Is in connection with their literal surroundings, prefer engaging experiences; focus on sense impressions, comfort and luxury
3. Extroverted Sensing
Have detailed perception of literal present reality; good at sizing up situations and others; follows trends and embraces social conventions and norms, prefers taking experiential approaches to life, reading cues to maximize impact, living in the present moment

1. Pluto
Transformation, regeneration, rebirth, destruction, intensity, obsessive power, individual truth
The things that are hidden or repressed, what's kept out of the open by rule or convention
At worst:
destructive, subversion, destruction, conspiracy
2. Intuition – Abstraction
Prefers abstraction over literalism, finding connections and relationships between concepts, categories, and systems
May not grow sufficiently grounded in real world limitations or apply their capabilities
3. Introverted Intuition
Generates unique and complex insights that seem out of nowhere, but are developed through unconscious processes that work outside of conscious effort to converge on probabilities. Seeks the hidden essence of everything to deepen understanding, sometimes only for its own sake; may get lost in conspiracy, or completely transform behavior based on insights

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This is definitely a thread that I hope to see more comments on, astrology has always fascinated me.
I noticed you didn't have one on the Moon and I just wanted to add that perhaps Moon could also be considered Fi? It is about self and how one deals with emotions, but maybe that description is too basic. I could also definitely see Jupiter's functions being Fi-Se-Ni-Te or perhaps Se-Fi-Te-Ni.

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Oh I'm glad I've piqued your interest :kitteh:

I kinda see the Moon, along with the Sun and Neptune, as representing the Freudian parts of the psyche (id, ego, superego respectively), or as put in Interaction Analysis, the Child, the Adult, and the Parent, respectively.

Though is also a bit from the Kabbalist interpretation of the Moon/Yesod, the moon is understood as our ingrained habits and expectations, which are formed and influenced by our emotions, but in a manner that isn't very conscious, unlike introverted feeling. it's like our 'auto-pilot,' the behaviors we've consciously, unconsciously, and instinctively nurtured through repetition. This is why many say those who 'act out their moon' too much are robotic and living too much in an artificial persona opposed to acting in according to our truer sense of identity (the Sun)

Further, the sun is what we hold central to us and identify with (occupation, values, race, nation, etc.) and what gives us our willpower to do more than be a robot. And Neptune relates to feelings of transcendence, spirit, unity with higher forces or purpose (or the illusion of this), which seem like a grand description of the conscience and deep, visceral sensations of goodness and badness, like the ones that are entrenched from our birth.

I also see the importance of an archetype to match the relatively modern concept of neurosis, the product of disorder and suffering, to complement Neptune. Which newly discovered minor planet/asteroid this may relate to is up for debate (with Eris in the lead), but I'm partial to Sedna.

Since these aren't really part of the myers-briggs continuum I didn't include them

But then I'm no authority on this stuff, so the moon and Fi may be a better fit.
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