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Wondering if anyone has looked at or has "The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers - The Complete Personology Reference Guide" - Saffi Crawford and Geraldine Sullivan.

It includes a personality summary for every day (birthday) of the year, and includes a sort of "relationship guide" where it shows people with x birthday in a relationship with you are friendship, beneficial, fatal attractions, challenging, or soul mates.

I borrowed it from my sister and basically never gave it back.

Any time I meet someone I have to look them up and find out if the book says they're my soulmate. Even though it probably doesn't mean anything, there was a girl I fell in love with and didn't let go of for a long time because we never got the chance to date (she was always taken or I was always taken- aside from the two weeks we spent together when we first met - then she moved). Anyway, it says she was my soulmate, so I sort of take it a little seriously.

I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks it's complete bullshit or uses it as much as I do just because it's fun.

Also, if you were born on any of the following days and xNxP please let me know, you might just be my soulmate...hahahah.

July 29, Aug 27, Sept 25, Oct 23, 31, Nov 21, 29, Dec 19, 27

yeahhh i really just did that
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