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Does anyone see any validity to personology as the study of personality and the stars? I have categorized each star and planet in my birth chart into which part of the personality it corresponds to; also I have calculated the degree in each sign to the exact day and week in the calendar year and I can determine compatibility as well.

To get your full birth chart go to these websites:
1 Free Astrology Birth Chart Report
2 Asteroid Online Calculator, Asteroids in Astrology Natal Chart
3 zodiac | Symbols, Dates, Facts, & Signs

My birth chart is as follows:

6 Male/4 Female (Sun-Pluto)

Ascendant Body Language 22-Aug F Leo Virgo Cusp
Sun Masculinity May16 F Taurus III
Moon Femininity Feb22 F Aquarius Pisces Cusp
Mercury Talk June5 M Gemini II
Venus Love 6-Apr M Aries II
Mars Passion 20-Sep F Virgo Libra Cusp
Jupiter Smarts 23-Oct F Libra Scorpio Cusp
Saturn Responsibility 6-Oct M Libra II
Uranus Freedom Nov27 M Sagittarius I
Neptune Spirituality 14-Dec M Sagittarius III
Pluto Obsession 18-Oct M Libra III
Lilith Dark side 14-Dec M Sagittarius III
Asc node Sadness July6 F Cancer II
Chiron Healing May16 F Taurus III
Ceres Mom 16-Nov F Scorpio II
Pallas Anger 25-Sep M Libra I
Juno Soulmate 28-Dec F Capricorn II
Vesta Sexuality Feb10 M Aquarius III
Fortune Work 28-May M Gemini I
South node Happiness Jan6 F Capricorn II

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Based on just the chart you posted and not your other signs...this is what your birth chart looks like...

7Female/ 3Male
Sun Masculinity Sept 11 or 12 Virgo III F
Moon Femininity Jan 24 Aquarius I M
Mercury Talk Oct 4 Libra II M
Venus Love October 22 Libra-Scorpio M
Mars Passion Sep 17 Virgo III F
Jupiter Smarts June 29 Cancer I F
Saturn Responsibility Dec 29 Capricorn I F
Uranus Freedom Dec 23 Sag-Cap cusp F
Neptune Spirituality Jan 1 Capricorn I F
Pluto Obsession Nov 5 Scorpio II F

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Lots of fun! Thank you so much.

This was bang on:

True North Node in Libra

His path is to learn to cooperate, delegate, and share the load more often. He sometimes relies on himselfso much that people in his life feel alienated or not needed. He is working on tact and patience. He may fear losing some freedom or indepndence if he involves others more, but allowing some feedback or help into his life can restore balance. He lets success into his life when he lets others in. Ultimately, he learns that self-justification stunts his growth. Qualities to develop and cultivate: Cooperation, tact, sharing, teamwork.

North Node in VIII: North Node in the Eighth House

He should watch for holding too tightly to his ways and things for fear of change, as this can limit him and his opportunities. Qualities to develop: sharing, intimacy, willingness to go deep.

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Not really. However, that may be useful for fantasy works (think of the famous ATLA animated series for example).

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I'm fine with the MBTI but the astrology thing is harder for me to get behind. Though I do laugh at some of the memes people come up with for Capricorns.

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I bought an Aries shirt just so people would start conversations with me and I could teach them about the gospel (MBTI). I only ever got one compliment from a worker at Starbucks and that was it lol

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Wow, I have been doing astrology for 9 years. This connection between human behavior and the natal chart is such an interesting thing.
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@earthhwalkerr here's your birth chart based on the information you private messaged me.

Ascendant Sagittarius 4.1 Nov 15 Scorpio III Body Language
Sun Taurus 3.26 April 23 Aries-Taurus cusp Personality
Moon Pisces 15.02 Mar4 Pisces II Feminine side
Mercury Aries 19.19 Apr9 Aries II Talk
Venus Aries 1.47 Mar23 Pisces-Aries cusp Love
Mars Gemini 12.17 June3 Gemini II Passion
Jupiter Aries 12.34 Apr3 Aries II Smarts
Saturn Sagittarius 20.42 R Dec13 Sagittarius III Responsibility
Uranus Sagittarius 26.30 R Dec18 Sagittarius III Freedom
Neptune Capricorn 7.58 R Dec30 Capricorn I Spirituality
Pluto Scorpio 8.44 R Nov1 Scorpio I Obsession
Lilith Cancer 16.57 July7 Cancer II Dark side
Asc node Aries 11.31 Apr2 Aries I Sad
Chiron Gemini 18.45 Jun10 Gemini II Healing
Ceres Capricorn 6.07 Dec28 Capricorn I Dad
Pallas Scorpio 26.58 R Nov19 Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp Anger
Juno Aquarius 24.42 Feb15 Aquarius III Soulmate feelings
Vesta Taurus 23.31 May16 Taurus III Sexuality
Fortune Capricorn 22.34 Jan3 Capricorn II Work
South node Libra 11.31 Oct4 Libra II Happiness

Signs masculine 6
Signs feminine 4
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