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Well I'm not quite sure if they will be, but I'd certainly like some help confirming my type. I do believe I am an INFP, but I would like to confirm this, and self discovery is always fun. I scanned all the different questionnaires and decided to use this one.


Your significant other just ended your 2 year relationship quite suddenly and with no apparent explanation. Up until this point you had both been talking about marriage and last week you even went to look at rings together. Now he/she won't even return your phone calls or texts. After talking with his/her family you find out that he/she has just been diagnosed with terminal stage 4 cancer.

- Describe how this scenario would make you feel as well as what sort of influences and motivations lie behind those feelings. Why do you feel the way you do?

My lord all fucking mighty. I'd be so desperate, sad, angry. Not at my theoretical lover, I'd still love him, but at what cards the world seemed to deal me. That's beyond unfair. I'd probably cry until my eyes were bloodshot and fell out of their sockets. If he died, I'm not even sure I would wish to live on - I would, of course I would, but there would be times that I questioned why I would. See, I haven't had a lover that I cherish to that extent, but I get extremely attached to the people I love, I'm innately lonely and sensitive, and when I'm shown affection it's like light at the end of a tunnel. I get attached to people within days of knowing them, and at times to the point where I let them walk all over me, just to let them like me. If I so happened to be in a relationship where I got so far as to marry someone, well, so help me earth I'd probably love him more than anything else in this world. I'd feel exasperated, attempt to find a way to help him, but realize there's little I can do. I'd go to sleep every night and wish it all away, but know it cannot be done. I'd likely go through the five stages of grieving before he even died, and experience it again once he has - if he does.

- In this scenario what would you honestly say the primary focus of your feelings would be?

Despair, sadness, inability to conceive what is happening to me - like a foggy cloud. It would feel surreal, like a bad nightmare, but it wouldn't end.



You are in college and this semester both you and your roommate end up in the same class together. You and your roommate get along fairly well and the living situation works but you aren't particularly close. You both typically do your own thing and are rather indifferent to each other. As the semester progresses you excel and become one of the top students in the class whereas your roommate is struggling significantly to grasp the material. The professor assigns a fairly challenging take home test that is a significant portion of your grade. He/she makes it clear that while it is open book, students are to work alone. Later your roommate comes to you begging for help after struggling with the test most of the weekend. You have already completed the assignment and he/she isn't asking to copy your answers, just to help tutor and mentor them as they struggle to complete the test, so there is no way your professor would ever know. However, this is the first time your room-mate has asked you for help this semester. He/she makes it clear that how they do on this test could mean the difference between passing and failing this class.

- How do you respond to your roommate’s request and why?

Of course I'd help them. Even if I don't know them well, I wouldn't want to watch them suffer. Although, I would encourage them to think more for themselves. If anything, I'd prefer to motivate them to figure it out than actual tell them straight up what to do. This is because I'm a bit selfish and would worry that if they do better than they actually deserve from their own studying, it'll mess up a curve, and also just be kind of unjust. If I was putting all this effort into doing well and they were hypothetically not, I feel it would be unfair for me to significantly improve their score based on my efforts and not theirs. HOWEVER, if they really just cannot grasp it and have tried beyond comprehension to do well, I would be willing to help them in all means possible. Everyone deserves a chance to do well, and I know what it feels like to truly not grasp a topic (*cough* any form of math *cough*.)

- What sort of things in this scenario stand out to you as far as having a strong influence on your decision making and why?

Likely my opinion of their worth ethic. The more I feel they honestly already put an effort into doing it themselves and aren't just lazy, the more likely I am to actually help them.

- Describe the flow of your decision making process.

I'd probably inquire about their studying habits, then decide from there. It wouldn't be super organized or logical, I'd just sort of decide what to do depending on how I felt about it. I usually am that way - I figure out how I feel about a particular topic, and decide based on the feelings. A lot of times for me, feelings have distinct colors and waves of a sort, if that makes sense. In short, I'm not one to make a pros and cons list.



Your boss calls you into his/her office in order to assign you to a new project. He/she gives you a choice between two.

Project 1 is a rather broad, expansive project covering multiple areas of company operations. It has the potential to have a very significant impact on company operations but it would require a collective effort and an extensive amount of group work where you would be logically thinking through the project together with the group of individuals your boss has also assigned to it.

Project 2 has a much more specific and narrow focus and would require a significant amount of in depth individual analysis to work through the problem. You would be working alone and the completion of the project may or may not have much impact on company operations. However, after complete the process and problem you were working on will be streamlined and fundamentally understood.

- Which project appeals to you the most, as it relates to the way you prefer to logically process information? Why?

As much as I prefer working alone, I'd probably prefer the second. I like to see things be done in the real world, and I also enjoy working with others. As cool as it is to have knowledge about a theoretical principle, I'd feel like I wasted my time learning a whole lot about something that may or may not even impact my life or the lives of those I care about.
Additionally, I tend to be an out loud thinker a lot of the time, I like to bounce my ideas off of others - even if I'm fairly certain I know what I know. I talk as I think, and I'm also not the most logical individual in general - so working with others who are more skilled at managing time and what have you would likely motivate me into actually doing my part. Though to be completely honest, I generally like working alone and sometimes find group projects tedious due to the amount of conflict.

- What sort of things in this scenario, across either project, stood out to you as having a strong influence on your decision? Why?

Probably the part about the impact of the project. I like things to happen, in the real world, that I can see and experience in my lifetime. I'd feel happy knowing I could contribute something to the good of my company, and I feel like I could make bonds with my fellow coworkers. As an individual who as always has issues making friends, this would be a positive outlet for me.



Your college professor has assigned you to a group project with 3 other individuals. All 3 of these individuals have a good strong work ethic and desire to contribute to the overall success of this project. You are at the first meeting of your group and the other members are tossing around valuable ideas as to the nature and direction of this project.

- Describe your behavior in this situation as you process and think about the ideas they are presenting.

I'd probably go in ham sandwich and start bouncing ideas around with others. I tend to do that a lot in group projects, especially if it's something I am passionate about. I'm also the one who tends to do the creative aspects of the projects.

- Describe what major influences drive this behavior.

I'm not particularly sure. I simply like coming up with ideas for things, and I think better if I improvise my thoughts and say them out loud than attempt to plan them before I say them. I've always been like this.



It has been a very long week and you feel mentally and emotionally drained, but good news! It is Saturday and you have nothing significant that needs to be done. You FINALLY have some free time to yourself to recharge your batteries and do whatever you want.

- Describe what sort of activities would help you to recharge. What would you enjoy doing after a long week and why?

I'd sleep quite a bit, napping always helps. Then I'd read, paint, write or watch some television. I need a lot of alone time when I am stressed out, it honestly makes me more tired to socialize quite a lot. Although, I wouldn't mind cuddling up with/visiting with a lover, family, or good friends.

- What sort of things do you feel you draw non-physical energy from doing?

I like thinking. As much I enjoy speaking with others, it can become tiresome at times and sometimes I just like to be alone. My favorite things are my creative activities, writing, artwork, music composition, etc. I feel very alive doing these things, and get so immersed in them that I practically forget where I am or who I am. i also enjoy having deep conversations with people I really care about, the kind where you sit down and really, really talk to each other. I find people fascinating, and I, as with everyone, do get lonely all by myself after some time.

I'm skipping scenario 6 as I feel you can probably figure it out for yourself whether I am more of a feeler or thinker. There is much I am uncertain of, I know this for certain.
hint: it begins with an F


Click on the image below and pay close attention to the things that jump out to you, objects, thoughts, feelings, impressions, ideas etc. What do you see?

Short Effective Scenario Questionnaire 2.0 (Self-Type)-paintedcanyon1fb.jpg (I can't post links yet, but you can find it on the place where this original scenario is.)

- Describe the main things that stand out to you in this picture.

Wow this kind of looks like a place in one of my stories. It's really lovely - is it a painting? The textures are so smooth, and the lighting is quite good ( this is my artist speaking, I apologize.)
That aside, I wonder, where is this place? Why are there trees growing in what is otherwise a rustic canyon? It's a canyon right - the rocks of sediment kind of look like jupiter's clouds. The dark rocks on the bottom, which are pleasantly contrasted with the light ones by the way, kind of look like creepy crawly monster arms. Well the one part on the right does.

I find it interesting that there are dead trees above the green ones. Maybe there is something in the cave that is poisonous? It could be symbolic - the dark rocks growing slowly, approaching the light ones, the trees slowly disintegrating. Maybe there is some force there - something under the water that is alive and controls the ecosystem, and when it's angry can warp it into something ugly, like the forest in the Messanger by Lois Lowry. Also, I wonder where the place goes, it also seems like a boat-way to heaven, and underneath the water is hell. What if you were forced to stay on the boat to get to heaven, and if you made a mistake and tipped over you'd drown yourself into a watery hellish grave? Well I guess it's not a grave if you're in hell, but you get the idea. Honestly, what am I saying?

- Why do you think/feel you focused on those things?

I don't know, it sort of just popped up in my head. Things like that always do.

- Describe the strength with which this photo did or did not appeal to you and why?

i really like it. The colors are gorgeous and the lighting, which peaks out on the right is very sensual and adds a great atmosphere. It's both calming and ominous - my kind of photography.


Have fun trying to figure me out?
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