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Attraction as Energy Cycling and Frequency Raising in Personalities & Love Languages

All physical manifestations are the result of energy states. This appears to apply to human attractions as well. The emotional energy cycling between two people drives the frequency, and the stronger frequency causes increased attraction. For example, in the attraction between an INFJ and an ENTP, the introverted intuition (Ni) is coupled with extroverted intuition (Ne) (and judgment with perceiving), while the cycling happens with Ti-Fe and Fe-Ti. The cycling dynamic between a dominant Fe and a secondary Fe, as well as a dominant Ti with secondary Ti, mainly drives the attraction, while the NJ or NP facilitate this process. Similarly a grounding effect is posited to occur in a Fe-Ti and Te-Fi dynamic.

In the world of love languages, this becomes a cycling of the primary and secondary love expressions. There might also be cycling between the lesser expressions of the third and fifth, as well as involving the fourth expression. The coupling between the first love languages, or the fourth also remain to be investigated. For example, a person with physical intimacy as first love language, affirmation as second love language, might be attracted to another with affirmation as first love language, and physical intimacy as second love language.The third love language of the second person might be quality time, while quality time might be the weakest for the first person. Similarly, service might be the third love language, of first person, while the weakest for the second person. Their gifting love language is about equally strong at fourth place.

Just as MBTI is what people use to interpret the world, love language might be the defining character for personal qualities. A person's primary love language defines their inner desire, while the secondary love language is what people use to drive their first (a person with service as primary love language might be driven by the need for affirmation if that is their secondary love language). The way a person utilizes the third language might be what energizes them. The fourth love language might be used for coupling with another person, as a process of personal development through life. The fifth love language could be matching the third love language of the other, and vice versa, so that the weaknesses are compensated by the relative strength of the other. Any failure to properly develop the love languages might be the cause for delinquent or maladaptive behaviors.

Human attraction is a function of the emotional energy cycling as a result of personality and love expression dynamics. Understanding this energy cycling is important for studying how two people are attracted. Improper development in the love languages, as a result of emotional abuse or trauma, might be the cause of social problems. Similarly, a problem of personality type development results in mental issues. Further investigation is required to understand how the love languages develop, and their roles in attractions.

What are your opinions or thoughts? Thank you for reading.

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