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Autism and MBTI TIPS

ISTJ father, ESFJ mother
ISTJ Si-Fi loop, problematic because Te doesn't help organize the information that could help the autistic child.
ESFJ Fe-Ne loop problematic because Si doesn't organize things enough in life plus poor memory

Autistic child if INTP, Ti-Si loop could be fixed by Ne or by improving Fe. Lack of Fe really hurts in social interactions
Autistic child if INTJ, Ni-Fi loop could be fixed by Te or by improving Se, lack of Se is problematic since child is "spacing out" too often in school or not noticing things other kids notice. Lack of Te could mean lack of assertiveness which is needed to reduce being bullied

Tip for ISTJ father: start organizing things in life, categorizing everything, even if it may be "racist" "sexist" or whatever. Also start TALKING about ideas more.
Tip for ESFJ mother, start taking notes, reading books, being more organized with the Si-function, and yes being in charge of cooking, managing behavior is HARD. Or you can take a history class in a local college. Kinda ironic, but European History is a really nice gem in study of human behavior. Plus you can learn nutritional tips lol.

What tips for the autist... I'll try to guess
Tip for INTP autist: Be more creative, in the realm of time and space. Robotics class could be very helpful to improve Ne. Parents, do NOT force this child to develop Fe, start with Ne. Okay...for parents, understand YOUR OWN Ne. Especially the ISTJ parent.
Tip for INTJ autist: Same with the ISTJ, start organizing things in life, categorizing everything. Improving Se by watching the news, reading magazines, etc. Improving Se is hard so start with Te first. Similar with father, but of course one added tip: the anxiety caused by Ni isn't abnormal.
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