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So my immediate family has never been the intimate emotional type.. my entire life it's all just been impersonal conversations at dinner etc and nobody is really close. My other siblings aren't close with me or each other..

And so with cousins and aunt/uncles it's even less; we always only saw them two, maybe three times a year for holidays so they always feel like strangers now that I'm an adult.

Anyways, next week my dad planned this RV road trip for the family to visit his brother and his family.. none of us are close with them at all, in fact everyone but my Dad has gone five years without talking to any of them and that was for a wedding.. before that it was probably another three or four years since we saw them last. We just aren't close and it's this way with all cousins and aunts/uncles on my mom and dads side; just impersonal. Maybe they mean well, but it's just distant and I've always hated it.

I've been dreading going because it's four days with forced awkward interactions where they pretend like they really care, when obviously they don't or else we'd be in contact more.

Of course a road trip would be a blast, but things are rocky with me and my family as it is.. and if I go I'm going to want to retreat and be on my own while out there as much as possible; going on walks etc and just enjoying the trip as if I went by myself.. which my parents obviously wouldn't like.

And if I don't go i'll feel bad because my Dad seems to be excited about this..

I'm so different from my siblings and parents, and I more than any other sibling don't mesh well with my family, immediate and relatives.

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Totally know what you mean. You don't add any question to your post, so there's nothing specific I can asnwer, so I'll just say my opinion: The answer to your situation already exists in your post.
Let me quote:

a road trip would be a blast
I experience what you described with friends and extended family (not my nuclear family, though). When this situation happens, first I check whether there is a glimpse of any desire to go that I might have, or whether I'm totally against it. If against it, refuse; if there's a little excitement or desire to experience something -and this 'something' is not the people involved, it's something else, in my case I think of the trip, of the sights, the experience, all the cool photography and videography I could do, I see it as a creative project. If a part of me wants to go for whatever reason, I focus on that desire and really explore it, and make my final decision from there.

Now, before I go on, I want to say that you don't have to do anything just because your father is excited. I don't know how old you are, though. If you're a minor, you'll probably have to go along, but if you're not, be your own decision-maker. Not based on people-pleasing, but based on yourself.
With that said, I don't think your situation is black/white. At least it wouldn't be for me, if I were in your shoes. There is a 3rd option (besides Black-Don't go; White-Go) which is the one I do with my own family and friends: People-pleasing + self-pleasing, aka compromise. And the compromise is not super hard to do precisely because you are getting something out of the situation. Like I said before, I focus on all the pictures I could take, thus practicing my photo skills, and videos, a creative project, also I think of everything I will see, the mountains, the rivers, the architecture, whatever it is, I focus on that.
The human side of the trip (dealing with the family) requires compassion and patience. The way I aproach a situation like this, is arm myself with a calm heart, serenity and patience. Don't go into the car on day 1 thinking "Oh god, being with these people is going to suck", you have to change your mindset. Look for the positives. Bring music and earphones, and be excited to listen to music and look at the landscape in your own bubble.
If you feel like spending some time alone as all introverts do, go ahead. Just don't disappear for hours without notice, this isn't fair to your trip mates. Again, compromise.
Arguments will happen when so many people are together for so many hours. Don't think that the trip was a waste of time, focus on your serenity and all the positive things you got out of it. You have to walk a fine line between being selfish and compromising.

About the specific situation with your five-year lost cousins (I have those types of cousins too), go into the situation with curiosity. When I'm in those situations, I get really curious about my cousins and I start looking forward to their stories of their lives, I'm curious about their personalities, and what their mannerisms are, and their interests... I totally forget the fact that we're related, I just see them in my mind as strangers, as if I'm getting to know them from zero, and I go into the situation without assumptions about who they are or whether they'll be nice to me or not. Be curious!
It doesn't matter if you don't mesh well (I certainly don't with my family), give up all mental stories. Stories will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be open minded to the whole experience.
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