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when it comes to other members, have any of your sent a personal message to them and it gone unanswered? Then, later you noticed they are thanking you and quoting you in other posts? I find this weird... You can thank me and quote me, but not answer a message??? ODD
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This isn't an issue with a high ranking person. And its not really personal as it is weird. lol
When I first joined the forum, I had to wait until I had over ten posts before I was able to reply to a message. Maybe the person in question is having the same issue.
I know... especially when the person reaches out to others. Eh, I thought it was cool. Not bitchin' just noticing.
Maybe he/she just does not want to have that personal of a connection. Who knows? Try quoting them and including your thoughts/feelings? :kitteh:
yeah that's the weird part. I wonder how many ppl are going to their inbox to see an unanswered message from
I've had pms go unanswered but not the thanking, quoting part.
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With the ability to ignore the private message, but go on to read, quote and thank a post.. is kinda rude. I wanted know if any had this happen to them.
It happens. If they don't wanna talk, they don't wanna talk. Let go and move on. :)
I don't expect anything from internet folks. Eh, its just my thinking out loud...on a forum...LMAO
Who knows, maybe they forgot about it, maybe they didn't know what to say, could be anything. I'd rather not form expectations of people I don't know on the internet. ;)

That's not to say that I agree, it's kinda rude. I hate being ignored.
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that's funny....possible....but still funny. lol
Sometimes people set messages aside to think about the response and then forget about them. In fact I just realized I did that with a PM from a few days ago...shit.
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eh its not the ignoring part that im annoyed by. We've all ignored someone. however,eh....idk no more lol
Yeah, totally with the others who said people forget. I intend to reply to pms, and emails... and it doesn't happen. If you're messaging infps/enfps, that could be the case!

Being ignored sucks, though. Big time.
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