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I'm infp. And like an infop, I can not understand my career from the age of 18. I was tired but only disappointed. At first, I studied restaurant management at the university, but the environment that I thought had to deal with many people, that would degrade my energy.
Second time, I studied business but it was not like I imagined. I heard someone say, "If you feel trapped in a career, look at the book you care about," so I thought about psychology. But this industry does not really grow in my country.
I am trapped in myself. I'm tired, but I'm always trying to figure out who I am in this world. I do not like work too detailed, or repeat. Now, I have found a course not a Film Design university just a course.
I do not draw well?
Is not a college or university?
Will my curiosity be closed when I learn a detailed career?
Does it fit with the INFP? I would like to be informed or shared about your career so that I can find the answer to the suffering in my head. Thanks everyone!

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Hey, friend! You don't have to limit your search of self-fulfillment and happiness to the circle of your "profession"; your job does not define you. If you work 40hrs in a week, you still have 128hrs to do with as you please. Meaning, just because you can't turn your interests into a means of making money, doesn't mean you can't enjoy doing it and find success in it. Look at Jon Simmons from the band Balance and Composure. He's got a regular everyday job but is still in a huge band, making music and even going on tours.

That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to find a career field you like, certaintly do that, but your "job" doesn't define you. If you work HR for some company you're not too hyped on but really wanted to paint or skateboard, you can still do and find happiness and success in those things! A job is just a job, doesn't have to mean anything more than that.

As for my "career", I'm currently in school majoring in psychology and minoring in French. Afterwards I will probably get my masters in psychology. But that's just a tiny part of my life. I have other things that I don't necessarily make a living off of, but I do love deeply and succeed in.

For sure try to find a field that interests you, but just know that your job does not define you. I sense you're getting stuck on that part.

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I'm infp....I do not draw well?...
An INFP who does not draw?

How can that be?

Don't all INFPs draw and have artistic abilities? Isn't that what all the forums say?

Oh wait... I can't draw either!!!

I forgets!

Never fear -- the INFPs that can't draw, sometimes, end up inventing the best personality inventory system (MBTI) in the world.

...Is not a college or university?...
I graduated from college.


I do have a degree, but did not follow a timely, strict path of "4 years and out". Took me 3+ years to settle on my major and final degree. Once I did that and settled down and got serious, I breezed on through.

...Will my curiosity be closed when I learn a detailed career?...
I'm an old as dirt, INFP, (close to 60 yrs old) and I never lost my curiosity for investigations and learning. Never.

As a matter of fact, I feel that part of my brain and desires, got stronger, and more intense, as I got older.

Hope you don't get so beaten down by Life, and *What I Should Be Doing At This Age" -- that you lose what really matters, in the end -- fun and knowledge.

...Does it fit with the INFP?...
Who cares? :happy:

There are about a zillion ways to be an "INFP".

Hopefully............ you have already tested as an INFP on the MBTI, and then you will live/experience your life and all your remaining years on earth, living the "Zillion Ways" that there are, to be. I am so glad there was no internet when I was a teen and in my 20s, to program me. No internet forums around... telling me how I should be and what I should do to fit, into the perfect, INFP clothes and costume.

...I would like to be informed or shared about your career so that I can find the answer to the suffering in my head...
1. Left home at age 17. Decided I had to support myself. Some money had to come from ...... somewheres.
2. Worked as a waitress, riding instructor, barn manager, movie theater employee, shoe seller (for 1 day) ---- for the next 10+ years.
3. Started my *true*/important/real/strict career at age 28/29. I forgets, exactly. It's a blur and I am old. Worked for 25 years straight in one career. Retired at age 53. Currently age 58. Life rules. Man... I sure can make some good decisions. Would not have change one single thing.

Now just hold on, one damn second here. Wasn't I suppose to follow The Rules and retire, in my 60s and/or 70s?

I decided I didn't like that rule.

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OP -- you are soooooo young. Maybe 20ish? I've lived young and I've lived old. Young is by far.... harder. So many unanswered questions. Not enough living behind you. JMHO.

You have so much to learn, to experience and to figure out.

Things usually work themselves out, given enough passage of time. That has been my experience, hope it works for you.

You seem to be very hard on yourself, at such a young age.

Even if you are flopping around, not knowing what to do or be, for years... enjoy the view... from where you are. Everything is a journey. Not knowing, is part of The Journey. Frustration is part of figuring things out. Questioning is good, up until the point, of a heart attack.

You will figure it out. Just keep moving forward, thinking of the future. Make your own rules, be your own INFPer. Try this and try that. Not many, at all stay in the same career, for 25 years. They change often. Closure, often, sucks. I just hope you have some source of money coming in, for basic necessities of survival.
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