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I know what you're thinking: "Leesa, haven't you already posted a typing video?"
Yes, but this time! I'm not just talking out of my ass without any questions prepared~ It would be really fun to be interviewed, but I'm literally always shoving personality type into my friend's faces and no one wants to hear it, much less spend the time to help me on my journey of discovering myself! :))))) Who gave you the right to live your own life??

But I found these questions on a site, -- and here's the snippet of what it says about them:
"It’s best if your answers to questions are not premeditated, in order for the video to capture the way in which you approach new information. To help with this, the following 5 questions are generated at random with each page view. Feel free to refresh the page anytime to get a new listing of unfamiliar questions."
I refreshed the page a lot to get more questions but found myself getting easily bored, so maybe there's not a whole lot to answer;; But I hope this will help in a way, it was more fun for me to answer random things like this, rather than like... 20+ things, because there's no way I could make myself focus that long;; When you're mentally a 2-year-old jfc

The beginning of this video I think, it just an introduction to why I keep mistyping? I spent a considerable amount of time talking about Introverted Sensing, but I wish to stress that I did not express enough just how nostalgic I am, I'm very big on memories and recalling a lot from my past and talking about it with others! I know Si also deals with details, I can see myself being that way with art, and when I talk to others. I really feel like it helps, when I ask for more details, so I can let that person feel more listened to. Plus I'm just really nosey in general -- more is better! :blushed:

Ooh my god "Team Gryffindor, holla!": I'm not one for guns, but I feel like if there's ever a moment I need it... ~
Also didn't realize my voice is so deep, eyes lifeless, and I KEEP STARING OFF AND FORGETTING WHAT I'M SAYING.
In general, if anyone knows of a video editing app, please hit a girl up!

Questions start @ 4:48.
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