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Am I the only one drinking coffee(s) late at night?

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  • No, you're not.

  • Bill Murray.

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Oh hello you.

Since I first found this forum years ago it was a bit overwhelming for me (a lot of content and brain food) and I gave up a little on spending time on here cause I had my focus elsewhere, a lot has happened, a lot has changed in life and I find it really hard to find likeminded people around me that do recognize/are capable of/accept my ridiculous behaviors and patterns hah..

I've always been good in communities and I am going to be active here more often. I introduced a friend of mine years ago to join as well and I'm really glad I did. I see that he was a previous mod on here as well (?).

Anyway, just turned twenty-seven, worked for seven years as a sushi-chef, and one year as the sous-chef of an Asian street food restaurant. Never thought I would be working so long in a kitchen, I was always clumsy and couldn't bake an egg till I was eighteen years old. Now I love to cook.

In my spare time if any, I like to play a lot of videogames, music is very important and I loved to watch moving pictures but have seen every movie worth seeing. The more fiction and fantasy the better, although I like realistic versions of futures more than made up things. But that is very arguable with me.
Reading is a treat for me if my thoughts can give me the opportunity to focus on reading instead of thinking, I tend to float away in thoughts after a few pages (which is a nice thing but imagine reading a 500-page book)...

I am going to settle a bit here, I think I missed a lot of reading for the past 5-6 years on here so it will surely be a long night for me. I was/probably still am very INTP, not sure, probably here to find out.

Feel free to message me anytime, I would love to talk to every single one of you!

h I almost forgot to introduce my other half, Ellen Ripley, my little kitten, named after the most badass mother in the universe.

Let me end with a random poll question.
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Welcome BACK!

I'm the "official" PerC Host™. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Your MBTI is all well and good, I'd recommend you learn more about your enneagram type. Lots of insights there beyond mere cognitive functions.
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