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I got what I need to take the advice of my husband and some INTP and INTJ friends: Start publishing again.

So, I got the envelopes, stamps, and two black-n-white printer cartridges (I already had the copy paper and Poet's Market) and when I can, which means when I have the energy and a stretch of time to do this methodically, I will sit down and send out the best of my haiku and senryu to those who accept simultaneious submissions and have hard copy literary journals--not online, or not 'only' online as I've found, over all, those with hard copy journals have higher standards and therefore I'll be among peers with the same.

Typically, if I start publishing a particular form not only will it lead to more coming up inside (I am an organic writer) but scenes, characters, dialogue start playing in my head, and the form is suggested by the scenes, characters, dialogue--from haiku, senryu, flash fiction, short stories, essays and others.

We'll see...

Whether I only submit and publish the haiku and senryu or submit and publish other forms--I am my best critic so I don't submit what will not find a home--getting back to sharing my work, and creating more, is something I need to do:

It is satisfying to me in a much different way than other activities are--including other creative ones.
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