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Balancing my cognitive functions

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Balancing my cognitive functions in Decision making

Sorry in advance if this is unclear. I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts.

Sometimes, I think/feel (both) that I should do something, but I don't, then I the circumstances end up being unfavorable and I reflect: "I sort of saw this coming. I should have done what I thought/felt I should have done."

Other times I think I should do something, but I feel like doing something else. I end up doing what I felt like and again, circumstances don't end up in my favor and I think, "I should have just done what I thought," instead of what I felt. (and vice versa)

So I realize that this is probably me just learning to balance my cognitive functions, so I wanted help from you wiser INFJs. :) I'm trying to see a pattern in my thoughts/behavior/actions. I think this probably has to do with my intuitive side right? But I also see my T v F coming into play here. What have some of your experiences with this been? Do you relate to the whole thinking-you-should-do-something/not-doing-it/then-feeling-otherwise? I'm just trying to understand everything better, evaluate myself, and hopefully help myself make better decisions by following my (initial) intuitive thought or intuitive feeling or whatnot (but before I can, I need to actually understand this whole process)
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I just remembered a quote from Prince of Persia to relate to this.

One of the princes says "kings have many advisers who tell them things, but a true king knows to follow his heart." I sort of feel this way right now. I feel that I have different "advisers" that use different cognitive functions in my mind, but I'm trying to find out which cognitive functions/combination of functions tells me what the heart wants.

I wish I could fix my title... boo... I want it to say "balancing my cognitive functions in decision making."
I have not much advice for you, but know that you aren't alone seeing as you have voiced precisely some of what I've been going through lately as well! You said what I thought in my head, but in words. Thank you for this thread.
Yeah. :) I saw the other thread someone just made about decision-making and I'm sure a lot of INFJs have experienced this type of thinking/evaluating process:. I'm just waiting for the wise INFJs to step in and drop by some of their insight now!
I understand and empathize with what you're saying, but I don't really have much to comment on it. Actually, I have another topic to start that is kind of based on this thread.
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