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Balancing my cognitive functions

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Balancing my cognitive functions in Decision making

Sorry in advance if this is unclear. I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts.

Sometimes, I think/feel (both) that I should do something, but I don't, then I the circumstances end up being unfavorable and I reflect: "I sort of saw this coming. I should have done what I thought/felt I should have done."

Other times I think I should do something, but I feel like doing something else. I end up doing what I felt like and again, circumstances don't end up in my favor and I think, "I should have just done what I thought," instead of what I felt. (and vice versa)

So I realize that this is probably me just learning to balance my cognitive functions, so I wanted help from you wiser INFJs. :) I'm trying to see a pattern in my thoughts/behavior/actions. I think this probably has to do with my intuitive side right? But I also see my T v F coming into play here. What have some of your experiences with this been? Do you relate to the whole thinking-you-should-do-something/not-doing-it/then-feeling-otherwise? I'm just trying to understand everything better, evaluate myself, and hopefully help myself make better decisions by following my (initial) intuitive thought or intuitive feeling or whatnot (but before I can, I need to actually understand this whole process)
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I just remembered a quote from Prince of Persia to relate to this.

One of the princes says "kings have many advisers who tell them things, but a true king knows to follow his heart." I sort of feel this way right now. I feel that I have different "advisers" that use different cognitive functions in my mind, but I'm trying to find out which cognitive functions/combination of functions tells me what the heart wants.

I wish I could fix my title... boo... I want it to say "balancing my cognitive functions in decision making."
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Yeah. :) I saw the other thread someone just made about decision-making and I'm sure a lot of INFJs have experienced this type of thinking/evaluating process:. I'm just waiting for the wise INFJs to step in and drop by some of their insight now!
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