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Hello!! :hampster:

This is just for fun so of course no one should take this too seriously.
Hmmm... after writing so far i just realized that people wouldn't like listening to many songs(who would tbh :)) ) so let's just insert the songs that we feel DESCRIBE our personality, not necessarily our favorite, although it can coincide of course!

So, i will post two songs, and other people try to guess and then they post two songs as well and we try to guess their type too! Maybe in the "person above" manner :smiley-cool13:

Let's goooooooo! :penguin: (this penguing is dabbing lmaoooo)

This song SPEAKS TO MY HEART!! Ok... not gonna say too much but i get super hyper thanks to this song and PARTY lol

While the other one has words, this one is just instrumental, emotional and sweet...and sad... you can put your own words to it.

So! Based on the vibe/sound/words these two songs give, what type do you think i am? or at least were you able to identify any cognitive functions?

Have fun! I'm OUT :spacecraft-1:

Have this dog cause it's adorableee: :dog:
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