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This should be interesting.

Here are some most basic questions of life, as far as I understand it. Answer in 2 sentences or less.

1. What is the purpose of life?
A creative renewal of life is the purpose of it. Understanding the old, rejecting it and then creating the new.

2. Have you discovered a particular purpose to your life?
Yes. To express using the medium of words.

3. What does love mean to you?

4. What is the most meaningful task you have ever done?
Every time I write something new it looks like the most meaningful thing ever. Thus writing this post to you is the most meaningful thing so far.

5. Is there a book / film / piece of music / other kind of art, having experienced which, your life is substantially different now? How?
Yes. Long back books by Paulo Coelho and recently philosophy of Frederick Nietzsche have been significant influences though I have an intuitive feeling that I will outgrow all influences eventually.

6. Apart from figures in your childhood, is there a person - famous or not - because of who your life is substantially different today? How?
There are spiritual practices that I have done that have had a big impact on my life. But they are only practices, there is no person particularly who has influenced me.

7. Our life span is a few decades in the history of a species that is 2 million years old; on a planet that is 6 billion years old; in a universe that is 15 billion years old. There were perhaps other universes before and will be after this one. In terms of size, our planet is a speck on a speck on a speck. Given this, is there anything you do or become that can be of any significance?
(this question will go longer than your limit.) I don't believe in a human centric universe. Some element of chance is there in the earth and the human race happening. Significance in the universe or the history are redundant ideas because those are just stories told to us, aren't they? And if they turn oppressive to my being I will reject them. However, they provide me with interesting material that I can use to express myself, create stories, fictions. I see a lot of richness possible in the endless information available. I will convert it into something one day. As long as humanity will preserve my works, future writers or artists will find my works inspiring, some significance will remain to my work. And what can I really do about it if my works will be lost?
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