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1. What is the purpose of life? There isn't one, we just happened. I guess like other animals, we help the plants by giving them oxygen?

2. Have you discovered a particular purpose to your life? nope. but I'm on a quest to find one because if society says I need a career, then I might as well find one I'm passionate about. I'd say that's a passion more than a purpose, actually nvm.

3. What does love mean to you? deeply caring about someone and wanting to protect them and be there for them

4. What is the most meaningful work you have ever done? there's not a MOST meaningful one, but I guess these portraits I did last year were meaningful to me because I hadn't done anything realistic in years, so it proved to my peers what I'm capable of

5. Is there a book / film / piece of music / other kind of art, having experienced which, your life is substantially different now? How? Any lyrics by Conor Oberst have affected me because I find them so relatable

6. Apart from figures in your childhood, is there a person - famous or not - because of who your life is substantially different today? How? nah

7. Our life span is a few decades in the history of a species that is 2 million years old; on a planet that is 6 billion years old; in a universe that is 15 billion years old. There were perhaps other universes before and will be after this one. In terms of size, our planet is a speck on a speck on a speck. Given this, is there anything you do or become that can be of any significance? I mean everyone else seems to think that life is significant, so it's very important to if I can do something to help people emotionally, that'd probably be of significance to them, and that would make me happy... After typing that out, I guess the short answer is that helping people would be significant to me.

8. How old are you? 22

9. If you like, share one quotation that means a lot to you. "I'm staring out into that vacuum again from the back porch of my mind, the only thing that's alive, I'm all there is."
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