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@Hycocritical truth teller - I love absinthe and green fairy artwork and depictions :) That's how I found my avatar as well.

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They have very good artworks on their bottles. But absinthe called green fairy is forbidden in sale in my country (Croatia). Not sure why, forgot the reasons.
I never tried absinthe, don't dare if im honest. But i'll put myself together and try one day.
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I'm a big fan of Jason Chan. His images have this powerful, sensuous quality that sparks the imagination; what we see at the surface gives us a mere taste of the depth to which the still waters run; the paradoxical serenity seems at odds with the undercurrents of unease and chaos that threaten to bubble up. He's so good at blending beauty with abominations into inseparable parts of a whole.

Redemption - I love the juxtaposition of La Belle et la Bête... Cocteau's classic 1940s film.

This one's called Twilight Shepard, a title that instantly drew me in... I haven't played Magic the Gathering in ages, but started collecting the cards again after seeing this image. It just evokes so much mystery; a sense of eternal melancholy that is somehow inextricable from the beauty that seems to accompany it so readily.

Black Widow --- Again, the juxtaposition of contrasting elements is just so boss. The doe-eyed innocent look belies the darker, dangerous facets. I do not see one as a facade covering the other so much as being different (yet equally genuine) facets of a person. Neither is "fake" per se.


Pandora's Box -- I love the kineticism and gravity of this one.

Cocktail Party ... wonderful dark sense of humor and a gorgeous image, to boot.
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