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Been caught?

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So guys have you ever been caught doing dirty stuff to yourself?
If yes, how did you feel? what happened?
If no, did you ever find someone doing so? How did you react to it?
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Its perfectly natural. Well for women im not sure what you are sticking up there, but as long as its safe, its fine. People need to start accepting their animal side a bit more :).
Just want to know about others' experience with that. :laughing:
Yea. I've been caught doing dirty stuff.....
I was playing in the Mud when I was a kid a few times by myself and my Mom caught me and told me to stop because I was getting way too dirty.

I've also seen some one get dirty too. My reaction was, "omg, can I play?!"
Throwing water balloons really gets you dirty.
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:laughing::laughing: Fine XD:crazy::crazy:
Does'nt really fall under the topic 'Sex and Relationship' though.
!! hahaha
That's rightttt

Well this one time, I was heading to my friends house because I was thirsty. She had drinks at her house and I was craving for some drinks, right?! hahahahaah. And when you don't have a drink handy, you go to the friends house. Well the closets friends house.
I was meaning to call her but I was really thirsty for some reason. OMg, she has this mini fridgirator and it's just packed with COLD drinks! I couldn't take it, so I ran to her house. Holy Duck!! That made me even more Thirsty!!
Ok, I was at her door I was going to ring to bell but I've been to her house so many times I felt like I didn't need to. Heck, I should have the KEY for that door!! But anyways, I was so thirsty I just opened the door and it opened, luckly...
I went in. Got me a drink and I GULPED IT DOWWNNNNNN. It was one of those Gatorade drinks. SOOOOO GOOOOOODDD.

As I got done with my 2nd Gatorade, I headed over to her room.
I didn't know she was "BUSY", oh you know what I mean? LMFAO
Kay, Long story short, we were both sweaty.
Does'nt really fall under the topic 'Sex and Relationship' though.
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I've never been caught doing anything to myself.

I have been caught doing dirty stuff to my girlfriend, though.
Not to myself! :mellow: LUCKILY. Mom found some "toys" though.... ...awkward turtle to the max.
And I almost got caught wit my ex/friend/idk in the car at nite. We got too scared to finish so we just dipped. Made it up later though :crazy:
I've gotten busy with a boyfriend in the back of a car while his friend was driving, done the deed in the same room as another couple, and I've had some sexy time in semi-public places, so audiences don't particularly bother me.

Until it comes to my parents.

I got caught about to give a BJ to a boyfriend. It really wouldn't have been that bad if it hadn't been for the reaction I got, particularly my stepmother's, the little trollop.
I like to watch when he doesn't know I'm looking or sometimes have him do it in front of me. It's hot..
My dad once caught me with my hand on my dick and my fly down. I was trying to get it out of my zipper.
My closest friend walked in on me and my girlfriend when we were making love in my pool :crazy::crazy:
Here is a funny story.

I din't get caught, I actually volunteered myself.
In grade 8 the transformation from innocence hit me, I was so naive about sex in fact i didn't even know what it was. So one night I discovered something, somthing special and good, so being the open minded naive young man I was I showed my best mate what I had discovered. Bad move, you can guess what humiliation I was confronted with the next day at school, the whole junior year knew. Kids are cruel. The torment travelled with me through my entire secondry school experience and beyond. It was a big ouch!.
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My little sister caught me once doing stuff to myself. Luckily, she did not get what i was doing:crazy:
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"Hey sis, are you really itchy down there?"
My little sister caught me once doing stuff to myself. Luckily, she did not get what i was doing:crazy:
What were you doing to yourself?
My little sister caught me once doing stuff to myself. Luckily, she did not get what i was doing:crazy:
i'll keep that to myself lol
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