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When I first took an MBTI test as a younger girl, I consistently got INFP as a result, but after speculation, I realized that I was answering the questions as I believed I should have answered them, rather than how I actually felt. So when I was a bit older, and had a better understanding of the typing system, I took some more tests and answered them truthful to my own nature. I started getting INTP as the results. Now, I know if something is suggested to you in such a way, you begin to think "Yes, why, that is very much like me!" But this was different, I seemed to identify so easily with the type, and other people who had been typed/typed themselves the same type.
But this is where I begin to get confused, and doubtful..
I was scrolling through the 'what makes you a sensor' thread, and could identify with quite a lot of the posts.
I'm an artist, and I pay attention to every single detail in the portrait, so the finished product looks almost as real as the real thing, which seemed to be common among ISFP(?), I believe.
I also have a tendency to need to be in control of myself. I don't like being under the influence of anything, I hate drinking, I've smoked weed before, and absolutely hated it.. and I've had experiences that made me feel so out of control, that I distanced myself from things that were present in those experiences. I wrecked my car in high school, and never traveled on the road again until a few months ago.
When I do begin to feel I'm losing control, I panic.. I have panic attacks, and feel as if my world is crashing all around me. It's usually to do with some sort of body pain/or disruption in what I believe is reality.
It can even happen if I'm expecting someone to be home, and wonder if home even exists, if I even exist, or if those around me are a figment of my imagination. It makes me feel as if I'm not in control of my world, because there is no way that I can be sure that everything that has happened, or will happen to me is not just in my own mind.
But I also worry, I worry about insignificant pains, and I focus on every little thing that is wrong with me, and I let those things control my life, sometimes to the point where I can't even deal with myself. Sometimes I can go for weeks without looking at myself in the mirror, because I just don't want to see my face.
Perhaps I'm just a depressive INTP, and maybe I'm thinking on it too much...

anyway, if you got this far, thanks for bearing with that shit storm of idiocy.

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I'd look into the cognitive functions to determine your type. It's been said that "taking tests are like looking at yourself in the mirror and wanting a good answer". Basically, they mean jack shit.

Id like to help you more, but I stumbled upon this thread, and its hard typing on my phone just waking up.
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