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Truthfully.. i have the EXACT same problem.. but i understand their actions more.. considering i need friends.. they say they will be there for me but really..

Best advice i can give... is hint abit more.. and try to make a more way to open up. becuase personally i think they are to focused on their problems they don't realize you need help too.. and it is selfish.. and maybe they truly probably don't know how to give you advice..that is part of the reason they ask you for advice.. it takes alot of patients.. and it isn't fair at all..
but the whole deal of "making new friends" is not easy..
Maybe back away from them more.. and instead of just giving them advice,.. lead them to find their own answers.. like question them and their actions.. this might piss them off alittle but it'll help.. also, try to slowly make yourself unavailable.. but don't leave them hanging.. it also depends the problems?

But i'm sure they aren't trying to take advantage of you.. cause i have the same problem..

Kinda search for new friends if you have too.. but that's really hard.. to adjust to a whole new person..

Also.. instead having them vent to you.. have them talk about happy things.. and let them know that sometimes you aren't in the mood cause you have to pull your shit together also..
Distract them by hanging with them and doing FUN things together.. make it a more positive relationship.. if it's multiple people.. get big get togethers meet up at a park or something..
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