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For some reason or another, possibly due to a combination of our Introverted Sensing understanding the principles that underline and make up our world and the external motivation of our Extroverted Feeling, ISFJ's seem to put others before themselves, whether due to nature, principle, or belief.

If there is one thing that plaques man more than anything else, it is loneliness, and the lengths man will go to not be lonely. There is a danger for the ISFJ, though being introverted and needing time to himself yet seeking out human interaction, in allowing himself to be used in order to not be alone.

There are those who would take advantage of our well meaning behavior, who would feed off of the emotional support we provided, and just "carrot and stick" us enough to keep us from moving on. No one wants to be alone, but when we allow ourselves to be used it is detrimental to ourselves as well as the person using us. Though we may care for them deeply, in the end the less selfish course of action would be to remove ourselves from the situation.

Not everyone who upsets us or makes an occasional mistake is using us. Patterns of being used are seen in emotionally unhealthy or unstable people. Often we avoid emotionally investing ourselves in these people if we perceive it before hand, but when it comes to people we care about, it can be a lot harder of a choice. Before we know it, we have found ourselves in the cycle of being used.

We have to learn to say no to these kinds of situations, and to remember that it is for their best interest just as much, if not more, than ours.
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