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Hello denizens of Personality Cafe, the name's OutZoned. I'm happy to be here among such interesting and varied people.

I've been exposed to MBTI for several years, but only recently gave it more than a cursory interest. For some reason, I test equally for ISTP, INTP, INTJ and INFP (and also ISTJ in more recent tests), which makes me somewhat of a wanderer.

I am a 19 year old male currently working toward a combined Bachelor's and Master's degree in Business/Financial Journalism. My hobbies include building computers, working on cars, hiking, writing novels, video games, politics and engaging in extensive discussion on a variety of subjects with basically anyone who will listen. I also play trombone and piano and have a fondness for jazz. I love telling and listening to other people's stories and absorbing all that information for later deconstruction and use. I enjoy journalism for giving me opportunities to access to new and exciting information and then share my discoveries with the world. Simultaneously, I see journalism as a method of bringing justice to the wronged and improving the human experience.

My musical tastes range from groups like Arcade Fire and Animal Collective to Opeth, Dream Theater and Amon Amarth. My favorite anime are Death Note, Monster and Neon Genesis Evangelion. My favorite TV show is Parks and Recreation, while my favorite book is The Things They Carried (Tim O'Brien) with The Panic Diaries (Jackie Orr) as a close second.

I am prone to occasional bouts of promiscuous disclosure, probably stemming from an upbringing in a fundamentalist religion that left me with no sense of boundaries. I have a difficult time making close friends or socializing in groups or at parties, but am willing to talk to just about anyone who can hold a conversation. When not debating, researching or tinkering, my head is in the clouds, dreaming of all that humankind could accomplish if we would just work together.

Also, if you haven't noticed by now, I loathe the Oxford comma.

In the event that you haven't dozed off by now, I congratulate you for reading (or lightly skimming) this post. I'm glad to be here, and though I doubt I will settle down soon, if ever, I hope to contribute to the discussion.

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