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Best professional match for an INTJ?

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I am an Army Officer and my new BDE CDR is an ENTJ - I am an INTJ... so I was wondering if there were any threads or web sites that discussed how on type could best work with another type.

Thanks in advance
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There is one site known as TypeLogic that offers the relationships between types: INTJ Profile. What the names mean can be found here: Relationship Pairs: Definitions. There's also the relationship system that Socionics uses, but that's quite different from the MBTI.

Personally, I would say some sort of xxTJ, provided that they are not too controlling and such.
The best work partner for an INTJ, rather oddly seems to be ENTP. Just something I've noticed!

It's the equivalent of being motivated by an ENFP while having someone who knows when you are wrong, but is nice about it.
thanks for the replies.
Personally, as an INTJ, I have congratulate you being able to convince recruiting board you were ideal material. I've tried twice and failed. Personally I'd like a profession that allowed me to avoid external influences (the Arsehat Factor) as much as possible.
My current boss is an ENTP to the extreme.

He is incredibly intelligent, charismatic, business-like.

I have to make all the decisions it seems as he is so indecisive. I am also his personal scheduler and calendar.
I am his personal assistant so I guess that is my job after all!
But it isn't the indecisiveness that gets to me, it is his ability to talk for 40 minutes in circles about something I could sum up in a few mere sentences.

He also has a major superiority complex. He has actually said, and I quote "I am like a god to some people". Yes, he did say that!

What I do like about him is that he gives me a lot of space, which I need in order to perform at the best of my abilities. He trusts me, and I appreciate that.

I do believe that ENTPs make good bosses and work well with INTJs.
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