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i'm 18 and i still behave like that! :proud:

that does remind me a lot of me when i was that age. if you want to stop him chucking tantrums, i'd suggest just saying "no" and ignoring his complaints completely, just pretend he's not there. At first it'll infuriate him even more but eventually he'll give up methinks.

it's difficult because the thing that made me obey my ISFJ mother growing up was gradually realising WHY she would make me do things like brush my teeth and realising the negative consequences of not doing what she said- figuring out that there was a valid REASON for her demands and she wasn't just making me do some pointless routines. but even now i HATE feeling like i'm being forced into something in any way- i like to have the choice in everything in life.

i would strongly suggest explaining WHY you make a certain decision, especially as he grows into his teens. otherwise he's going to assume you haven't got a "good" reason. i remember if i pushed my mother far enough sometimes she'd actually burst out with "BECAUSE... this this and this", and i'd say "well.. why didn't you say that in the first place? that's ok then".
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