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Blessing / Cleansing a Home

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My Dearest INFJ's,

I have been trying to complete this for a month now, I start writing and then, back out... and finally, today have the courage to ask. What exactly is a Blessing/Cleansing of your home? --- And does it really work?

(I don't really want to share to details, as I'm sure you would understand. It's a private matter.) But, I really need some good old-fashioned honest answers because I am nervous about the process and how exactly to explain it to others. --- We had a six member team visit our home and they want to complete a blessing/cleansing of the home on Saturday.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding to the "sensitive nature" of this request. Yes, I am uncomfortable. :sad:
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If you do a Google search on "Blessing Cleansing your Home," you will get some ideas...I guess, the nature of the cleanse depends on your own personal philosophy/religion and what you want to have cleansed. For example, removing negative energy; or removing items that might be considered "sinful" or that might distract you from your spiritual focus.

I don't know a whole lot about it all, since I just barely looked it up myself after reading your post...

As for the Blessing part, I would guess that that would be a way of dedicating yourself, and others in your home, to a renewed spiritual focus, to follow Christ, or Muhammed, or Buddha, or whatever you choose to follow.

I wouldn't do it unless it's something you're really comfortable with, and that is done in the way that you want it to be done.
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