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Blessing / Cleansing a Home

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My Dearest INFJ's,

I have been trying to complete this for a month now, I start writing and then, back out... and finally, today have the courage to ask. What exactly is a Blessing/Cleansing of your home? --- And does it really work?

(I don't really want to share to details, as I'm sure you would understand. It's a private matter.) But, I really need some good old-fashioned honest answers because I am nervous about the process and how exactly to explain it to others. --- We had a six member team visit our home and they want to complete a blessing/cleansing of the home on Saturday.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and understanding to the "sensitive nature" of this request. Yes, I am uncomfortable. :sad:
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My family's Catholic and my dad often gets asked to do this for people's homes. I've never heard of atheists(?) doing it. It's just a prayer that you say as you go round the house. I believe you douse each room with holy water. We have a big book of prayers, but I know in witchcraft you can create your own (spells).

Just last week actually my parents went to a family's home, and there was a poltergeist. Our friend, a priest, was in town, so we had him do the blessing instead. I didn't get to go.. My mother said I would get annoyed because they were going to do karaoke right after and not come home for a long time XD (I wanted to see the ghost(s)).

If you believe it works, it works I suppose..(?) like a placebo. Also some people are raised around all these sort of rituals, and I can understand it to be hard if one doesn't do it. It gives them peace of mind.

I'd say it's really no different to a housewarming party.
Thanks... this is what I needed to hear... someone that actually experienced it. We have a bit of a paradox here because we (my family) has many different faiths. I don't believe in ghost and think it can be answered by science but I can't argue with the evidence; there are voices and things do move on their own. The team says that they "ghost" are attached to the land; we didn't do anything wrong. But trying to get our entire family on the same page for a blessing/cleansing is difficult and my kids are really counting on me. I don't want to mess this up...

Your a lifesaver! No... I would not say it is "Bad, or Dangerous" what is going on here. Doors open and close; items are missing; shadows and the like. It's been seven years of living this way before we would talk to anyone about it because we were not sure if it was just our imaginations or something real. -- The last straw for me was when the children refused to stay in their bedrooms anymore. We bought on recorder and could not understand how we had the voice of a child saying "Play with me" in our bedroom at 2 in the morning and 30 below zero outside and snowing quite hard. (Our children are all teenagers)

Anyway, it took me three months to finally do something about it (I'm quite private with my family life) and this team appears very professional, they look into things to make sure it not the fridge making the noises and so on. They did have two sensatives with them and I wasn't sure what to think about that... but, they were not strange at all and quite scientific. (Flashlight would turn off or on when asked; more than one flashlight so they would know it wasn't chance.; Mel-meters; Cameras; Night vision; you name it.)

The two sensatives are the ones that will help them "cross over"; cleanse the home and then, the blessing. (This is so much to rap my head around.) And trying to explain this all to the kids has been very challenging because I don't even know what to think about it. -- Is this science or faith or what?... I just don't know and lying to them is out-of-the-question. I don't have the answers and I know that bothers them. You have and are being so helpful, I can't thank you enough!

PS. They will be here on Saturday to complete this. I'm a nervous wreck. Thank you again Linus!
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You all are the best! --- I have so many "pride or privacy" issues. And I am so thankful that I put them aside for this. Sometimes, growth is real through sharing with others. (I couldn't do this alone and it made me feel like I was a failure somehow.)

The kids are "flat out scared." -- Me, I just get mad. Case-in-point, my daughter is awesome and a typical 16 year old, we were finally daring enough to try and make some homemade chili cheese fries; (as we are not good cooks) and something was behind the basement door next to the kitchen that scared the life out of her. --- Her whole night was ruined. I was so upset that I started crying. Or, the fact that my 17 year old has the need to be proud of himself instead of being scared when my daughter's bedroom door opened by itself. (A teenage boy should not have to worry about those kind of things. He should be doing what every other teenage is doing... thinking about girls, homework, his job. Not, what may-or-may-not happen that night.)

Sorry, I'm starting to sound like I am on a rant. -- Anyway, I have decided not to be afraid anymore and to become happy about this weekend. I'm sure this will go well; and I'll let you know sometime next week how it went. Thanks again -- You all will never know just how much this means to me. :laughing:
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I understand what you mean about the "subjective." For me, I call it an "over-active imagination." And that was the way I thought for so long that I had to apologize to my children when the voices appeared in the digital recorder. (We bought a Mel-Meter, k2 Meter and a Digital recorder back in February; and were really hoping that it was just our mind reacting to old wiring or something.)

For me, proof is in the pudding. We started looking at it, as you would a court case. (It's not what you know, it's what you can prove.) -- I can't say that it was "dreaming or an imagination" or not, with the kids. They don't appear to have those kinds of minds. (Straight A students; Sadd Members; Choir and Band; they excel at math and science. Calculus and Pre-Calculus are actually their favorite classes in school.) But, I also admit that I'm biased because they are my kids. -- Their friends and our house guests have also experinced things. (Voices, shadows, door movements)

With this team, they are basing it out of the "things they can prove" and that is all. They will give us a copy of what all they found tomorrow. But, those sensitives were "right-on-the-money" with the things we didn't share. I must say that it impressed me.

Who really knows?... I am just excited that the kids may want to sleep in their rooms again and life will get back to normal tomorrow. That is my hope. And now, that I know we don't have to be on the same page religiously... I can just sit back and see what happens.

My thoughts were that "ghosts" were just like when I put on my perfume, and I can leave for the day yet still smell it in my room when I come back. Or, as in a campfire... it leaves it's mark but the land reclaims it. (Something that happens within nature.) But, what throws me off are the recordings of our names being said. That does confuse me because I don't understand how exactly that is possible. Also, about the flashlights. But, I keep in the back of my mind that history has taught: people did not know what lightning was... so, they came up with great stories to explain and understand it. The real understanding of lightning finally came along and I'm sure if those people were still around, they would feel pretty silly. ( I hope is that this is the case too. We need more science within this field.)-- If these really are "spirits" then, I have much to learn about what I thought of death.
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The whole thing went fantastic. We were finally able to sleep like we haven't slept in ages. Thanks for your help and support. Here's a copy of the teams report:

Investigation Date: 08-14-2010
Site: Private Home
Location: -------------
Number of Investigations: 1
Evidence: EVP’s


TCPS had six members present for the night. The investigation began at 9 pm and we split up into two teams to cover the house. The owners and their pets stayed outside in one of the out-buildings for the duration of the investigation.

The basement proved to be quite the interesting place for the team on the first round of the night. Within the first five minutes of being in the basement, one member had the back of her shirt tugged. There was nothing and no one around her at the time that this occurred. At the same time as the shirt was tugged, the EMF reading on the MEL meter spiked from the baseline of .1 to 2.5 and then back down to zero. We could not find a cause for the EMF spike and did not experience it again throughout our time in the basement. About 15 minutes later another member experienced his shorts’ pocket being moved or tugged on and five minutes later another member of the group was poked in the back. She said it felt like someone had stuck one finger out and just poked her square in the middle of her back. Shadows were also seen by two members of the group at different times but around the same area of the basement. Voices were also heard by both groups in the basement that sounded as though they were coming from the same room the groups were in, not a different place in the house or from the outside. Also the necklace one of the members was wearing was touched while in the basement. Another member was touched on his butt and about 15 minutes later a different member from that team felt a cold breeze on her arm. There was no AC on at the time that this occurred. The clients also told the team about a bottle that was put in the rafters of the basement and had explained that when one of them went to take it out from where it was that it felt as though they were pushed back into the wall. While investigating the basement, one member did take the bottle from where it was in the rafters. He stated when he did so that it felt as though some thing had touched his face. We inspected the area and his face for cobwebs and could not find any or another explanation for what would have caused the sensation of his face being touched. One team also had a temperature spike of 8 degrees from the baseline temp and could not find an explanation for the cause of the temp elevation.

The main floor of the house also seemed to be active part of the house during the investigation. The EMF measurements throughout this level were normal, yet a few minutes into the round of investigating the living room one team member felt very light headed. Two minutes later the team heard a noise or a crashing sound from upstairs even though no one was on the upper level at the time. A minute later another member from this same team felt pressure on his chest right and that experience was followed by the other member of the team seeing a shadow in the doorway to the kitchen. This team also experienced hearing a voice say “yes” but oddly enough did not capture the voice on any of the recorders. While still in the living room, another member of the team saw a shadow in the doorway of the kitchen. She described it as a head and shoulders shape shadow and the other member who had previously saw the shadow confirmed that was what he saw, even though at the time he did not describe it to the rest of his group. There was no one and no objects around to cast a shadow like what the members of the group saw. While investigating the laundry room on the main floor, one member became very anxious for no apparent reason or cause. Again the EMF readings were normal in this room. When asked if the member was picking up the anxiety from a spirit in the house, a clicking sound was heard by the doorway of the room by the entire group and no one could find the source for it. About 5 minutes later, one member saw a white mass come from the doorway of the room towards another member of the team sitting by the door. Immediately after, the member sitting by the door got a chill on the right side of him, which was closest to the doorway. No change in temperature was found on our gauges. The other team who investigated this room also experienced chills, accompanied by an EMF spike of 2.9 from a baseline of 0.1. This team also smelled a sweet smell too that they could not find the source.

A few experiences were had on the upstairs level of the house. One member’s flashlight turned on by itself and shortly after the team saw a flash of light from the hallway. This group also heard singing which could not be explained. While in the girl’s room, one member from the other group saw a shadow head from the room and disappear into the boys’ room.


The clients of this case presented a lot of activity that they have experienced over the years. The team felt as though this was one of the rare cases that come along where as a group we were able to experience a lot of things during the course of our one night in the house that the family has been through. We had multiple temperature and EMF spikes at different times of the night that accompanied our own personal experiences. The team was also able to capture EVP evidence as well and a few of those even corroborate the clients’ experiences. We fully believe and have proof that this location has paranormal activity. The family has requested the services from our Spiritual Advisory Department. It is our hope that we can give the clients help in reclaiming their space so they can live as a family in this home without having to fear what is going to happen next. We feel that validating their experiences and performing a house cleansing will help the family take that first step in feeling comfortable once again in their own surroundings.
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