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Blue Mountain State

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Anyone watch this show before it got cancelled? I thought it was pretty lame at first but got hooked and ended up watching all three seasons. Here's my take.

Moran- ISTP
Thad- ESTX
Sammy- ESFJ?
Coach Daniels- ESTJ
Larry- ISFP
Harmon- ESTP

No surprise its all sensors :cool:

I'm especially curious about Thad's J vs. P...
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Moran I would type as ESTP. He has no concern with the future whatsoever and would rather focus on having as much fun as possible. Stereotypical Se-Dom/Ni-Inferior. He's an extravert through and through, his attention is always focused outwards. Thad would be an ESTJ. Definitely extraverted and favors Si over Se. He's all about withholding the traditions of the football team and college, going to great lengths to maintain the stability and overall success of the team. Although that's not very good reasoning for Si over Se, I am positive he's an ESTJ. Sammy would be an ESFx, not sure which. Rest of the characters I'm not sure.
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