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I'm aroused by the sight of blood.
Blood running down the blade,
Dripping onto white tiles.
Splatter, the petals of a crimson rose.
I close my eyes.
I bring the rose to my face.
The scent of such a flower
Darkness, despair, a place I can't escape.
What is life without pain?
What is pain without joy?
None can see, none can hear
Muffled screams behind closed doors.
In an insane asylum
I wait for my release.​

queen of glitter gnomes
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This is a beautifully written poem that expresses powerful feelings. It really touched my heart.
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im confused
and feel bullied and abused
cant take this pain
cant see no gain
for what do i live
dont we all end up in the grave?
but no thats why i should stay
to live life fully this day
enjoy every moment
hold it and own it
but still i dont know what life is?

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love enough said
will i only experince when dead
is this just a human emotion
but it feels so real like motion
emotions run deep like oceans
the dearch for truth
for what is
is like trying to catch the breez
the sway of the wind,all through the trees,
and again im on my knees
praying fr\or sinful deeds

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Now you here
Want to make a pact
With me
Then I want you
To raise yourself
Take a new name
Or maybe demiurge
Create the imperfections
Or speak to them
But rather through storm
Coup, raid, or treaty
Become on high once more
Then give to me
Your land you're frozen within

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the sounds of the guitar
my heart stretched so far
reaching for the star
the sound of the bass
as it hums the tunes of tast
the bass gives the song meaning
stiking and all so seaming
my eharts in heaven dreaming
tears are streaming
its a dance
take yoru stance
flow with the music and
the band.

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the farmer whisles
as the beef sizzles
riding that old horse
at the back of a carridge
as if you waiting for marrdge
ride this wave
right into the grave
dance dance dance
to the sound

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the faster the music gets
the more my heart gets wet
it gets faster now im set
i have my goal
music gets faster i start to dance
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