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Are you the type of person who takes a while to get angry, or is quick to anger?

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Hello, this is going to be a little bit of rant and the story is long,so please bare with me, but I also have some questions that I'd love to have answered. Thanks for reading.

So yesterday I had Board Game Club, with my friend Jordan, Kat, Cory, and his mom, Mrs. Arrants (who was the teacher). We were going to Play Phase 10 because I really loved the game compared to Uno. All was well for the first phase of the game, nothing that bad. Really, we were having a blast! I hadn't played the game for a while, so it felt great to finally play it again.

The second phase, on the other hand, was a disaster. In the game you can skip another person's turn. Well I can't remember who, but Jordan was skipped and she got really mad and just left the room. I thought she was just being dramatic and that she would be back, and that she was just wasting time while her turn was skipped. Well, Cory decided to skip her a second time and when Jordan entered. We were laughing a little, and when she realized she had been skipped again, she screamed. Literally. She screamed, in the library, on school grounds. There weren't many students around, but there were teachers nearby. She got so mad, and when she realized it was Cory, she picked up a book and was about to hit him when a teacher just peaked in, and we were all laughing, but Jordan was probably a little embarassed. The teacher left, and we started our game back up. We all thought Jordan was just being really dramatic and faking being mad. I mean it was only the second phase of the game. You don't win Phase 10 in the first few phases.

Well, it got worse. So at that point she was just mad and she was saying "Hurry up and get to my turn!" and if anybody spoke she was like "Shut up! Shut up!". I was really annoyed because if she was asking others to be quiet she should too, so I said "why don't we all shut up". She looked at me and said "shut up". And I said "You too!" with a smile on my face, though Kat later told me, my face was turning a little red. After I said that jordan got up, and picked up a shoe and hit me on the head with it twice and with some force to it. I knew that she just wanted me to react, so I acted like nothing had happened, though Kat whispered "Are you alright?". Mrs. Arrants, only said "No hitting in board game club". She didn't even really do anything right there.

So after Kat played her turn, I pulled a card and realized I could win the phase. So I played down one card and Cory said "If Megan (me) goes out...." and then I played all my cards quickly just to show him I was going out. The moment I played that last card Jordan was furious. She swipped all the cards off the table, then she threw some card right in my face! Mrs. Arrants was like "we should be done now". Jordan walked out of the room without saying anything. We all looked at eachother and agreed that was very overboard and rude. When Jordan came back I was getting my stuff ready and I remember hearing Mrs. Arrants tell Jordan that she should apologize, but that was all she said. Nothing more. I was totally ticked off, but I didn't show it in front of Jordan. Mrs. Arrants told me Jordan would be banned from Board Game club if she didn't apologize.

I was standing by Kat's locker, and agreed that I would walk to Kat's house and wait for my mom to pick me up there. Jordan walked up and she was like "Sorry, but I was having a bad day". She said in such a way that it sounded like she wasn't sorry at all, and that she was only saying it because she had to. Her voice was very stressed and angry. All I said was "Ok". I wouldnt' say "I forgive you" because I didn't...I didn't at all. Kat and I agreed that was a terrible apology. Any apology is bad when you say "I'm sorry but...".

The next day I was expecting that Jordan would've cooled off, and actually apologize. No, she didn't do any of that today. She acted like it never happened. She thought that just because she said sorry that I would forgive and forget, but I just can't. I am angry at her!

So here's the questions I have:
How can someone get so angry so quickly over a game, before they've even actually lost? We still had EIGHT more phases before anyone won. Now Jordan is 16, one year older than me. So you'd expect that we would be able to hadnle a game, as only young kids tend to throw fits. I actually Lost the first phase completely compared to everyone else. What made her think that me winning the first phase justified throwing cards in my phase. She could have caused damage to my eyes if I weren't wearing glasses. She could have hurt me if she hit any harder with the shoe.

How can someone just forget something like it never happened? Why is she acting like that? She never has done this before. Jordan is an INFP, just so you guys know. She's very caring most of the time. She'll give people hugs if they're sad. She even gave me a hug today because I was acting all sad, but I hated it. She was acting oblivious, like she had no idea why I was acting mad and snappy at her. At lunch, I could have yelled at her, and told her how angry I was, but I hate it when others fight at lunch and dampen the mood. It's like Jordan Knows this, and thinks I won't say anything because I hate drama, and I hate making others around me miserable, and dragging them in.

Why are some people like me, slow-burners and others, like Jordan quick to anger? I don't get angry that easily, and I won't blow up on somebody. Better yet, Why do people handle anger the way they do? When I'm angry, I tend to smile, and be a little sarcastic. If someone is complaining I act totally normal and smile even if they throw insults at me. When they do, I act as if they're just kidding, like I don't get the insults they're throwing. I'm like "Oh, yeah totally How terrible am I." I like to put them in their place subtly. Sometimes When I'm sarcastic i'm basically saying "Stop complaining, you're being irrational and what you're saying is completely overdone." It takes a while to get me mad, and I'm not direct with people. I usually just vent afterwards to my mom or something. Jordan and I are so different when it comes to anger. She just got angry so fast and became physical with me! She chose to attack me, and assault me! She wouldn't hurt Kat, Cory, or anybody else because Cory's mom was in the room, and she knows that Kat would act more violently than me. She was literally doing it because of how I act, and because I'm probably her best friend. But best Friend or not, it's completely unacceptable.

The worst part is, I feel like I can't keep any of my friends. Last year, I lost my best friend, and then Jordan became my best friend. I always think "Is Jordan next?". Will I lose her too? What am I doing wrong? I feel like I can't approach these fights, and like it's somehow my fault and that I'm losing her too. Something wrong on my part. I know I was never straightforward with my first friend, and I try to be more straightforward. But I feel like I'll offend them and then when I've finally hit the limit (which will take a very,very, very long time), it just all comes out. Is it my fault too, that now our friendship is falling apart?

Anyways, thanks for reading that entire rant. I hope you'll answer my questions. Thank you very much..
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