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I've noticed lately how much bodily tension I have.
I've been trying to find ways of dealing with it.
Earlier I always thought that relaxation was the key,
I'm still of the opinion that it is, but in a rather counter-intuitive way.

What I've found is that when I relax and try to make my muscles let go of tension.
Some areas of the body gets a need to tense even more up.
It is like the more I let go, the more tension manifest.
Almost like a tension potential existed in the muscles
and me letting go of conscious control, gave the muscles the opportunity to manifest it

To me it looks like relaxation lets all the energy that would be mobilized in anger,
can be dispelled in a physically tensed up, but mentally calm way.
That the potential for acting out isn't at base connected to negative feelings.
It is just a surplus of energy that can be used for arbitrary tension.
By doing these tension trials, I expereince a shift in my outlook.

Now to warn people, at first I had major outburst and stuff.
It was like me letting out the energy steam,
opened up for me to become conscious of a lot of repressed stuff I had forgotten.
Just figured I'd post this to see if anyone relates,
or have different takes on what is going on.
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