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I'm Type 9 and people in my family (who aren't gut-types) sometimes complain that I 'don't think'. I do feel like I don't really 'think' about certain actions-- I just do them, almost automatically. Like, for example, when me and my sister were being picked up after an outing, I started moving toward the car before it had parked (don't worry, I didn't need to cross the road to reach it!). I didn't consciously think beforehand, I just started moving. My sister (she's either a 5, 6 or 3) got a bit irritated with me and complained about me 'not thinking' before I acted. There have been other instances where I didn't consciously think before I acted, and I've noticed that generally I don't really consciously think about what I want to do when it comes to minor actions. It's like my body realises before my mind does what I want to do, and does it, and my mind has to play catch-up.

I'm just wondering, is this common for people in the body triad, or is this just something that doesn't really have much to do with personality type? And is this something I should work on? I can't decide whether my 'not-thinking' is a flaw or just a natural personality trait that needs to be balanced. And I'd really like to know if anyone else in the body triad has been accused of 'not thinking' like I have.

Can anyone else in the body triad relate to any of this?
I've been accused of so many things over the course of 43 years that I've lost track. I'm sure 'not thinking' was in there, somewhere. Possibly sandwiched between too talkative/too aloof/too hyper/too lazy/too loud/too quiet/too intellectual/too action oriented/too proper/too crude/too... you get the picture.

Note that a lot of these are mutually exclusive. It just flat-out doesn't make sense. There's a reason for that... when people carry on that way, you're serving as an external prop in their own little internal psychodrama of unresolved personal issues. They don't even SEE you, not really... you're just a blank screen for them to project their garbage onto.

When you're dealing with somebody who has taken it on themselves to tell you how you should live, feel, and be, look at them as if you are bored as they go through their little spiel, then ask them, "Feel better about yourself now?"

The overwhelming majority of the time they will sputter and start gibbering, and it is hilarious.

Don't put up with that shit. Name the game.
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