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Bojack Horseman is a colourful Netflix cartoon show about a horse that is actually quite depressing. But I find it really interesting and funny and I recommend watching it.

This show has a really big focus on real-life personality flaws which makes it so fascinating to type them!

I'm more intuitive about typing people, but I will note some major scenes or qualities that explain why I think they are the type that they are.

Bojack 4w3
- self hatred: You're a Piece of Shit episode
- 3 wing because he loves fame and is pretty charming: Give the People What They Want scene

Diane 4w5
- self hatred and thinks she's defective: I'm a Pit scene
- annoying?: Belle Room scene
- self-righteous
- seeks suffering
- 5 wing because doesn't like surprises or being center of attention

Todd 9
- lazy and kind

Princess Caroline 1w2 or 2w1
- 1 because always put together and organised
- career focused
- 2 because compulsive need to help others: "Break your pattern of needing to fix other people"

Mr. Peanut Butter 7
- always positive
- loves everyone
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