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Hello everybody,

My name is Mircea but I go by the username Laetans(just don't ask).I'm a 17 years old male teenager soon to be an 18 years old young adult!
I'm of Szekelys descent but I live in a Eastern European country called Romania(Despite the title)

Now why did I register?Well I found this site while I was searching information about the MBTI and since then I started reading different topics from different personalities.Some topics were very interesting,some were funny and ... some were ...kinda weird so its clearly my type of community!

My personality type was a dilemma,it was between ENFP or INFP and being a teenager, mood swings didn't help at all. Sometimes I feel introverted but sometimes I'm a full on extovert.And thanks to this site I found out that I'm just a weird ENFP

And now some things about me:

-I like poetry, long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick!Nah ,I was kidding ,about liking poetry and long walks.
-I'm an picky eater I always slice off the fat from a steak.
-I'm terrified of heights and centipedes!( I once climbed a tree and got stuck for like two hours)
-I hate fake people and people who judge others!
-I have a rather weird taste in music it ranges from genres like traditional pop to things like metalcore,deathcore and so on.
-I've been saving my allowance for like 5 years!
-My favorite movies are "Three Colors:Blue ;American Psycho;Blast from the past ; Inglorious Bastards".
-My favorite cartoon as a child is "Courage the cowardly dog"

And I can't think of any more at the moment.
So yeah,I'm glad to meet all of you,I'm glad to be here and cya!

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*You are hearing a robotic sounding voice coming towards you*

Greetings Laetans and welcome to PersonalityCafe!! My name is Mr. CafeBot. I am here to personally greet you and thank you for joining our humble little forum. No matter your type, you will surely experience a wonderful time with the members of this forum. We cater to all personality types so you will never feel alone or weird. Truth is this forum is full of weirdos!! Pleazeee hel.... *Ahem*I mean we have the nicest people you will ever meet. :)

If you need basic forum information our newbie guide link is here...

To keep the forum entertaining and safe, our forum rules link is here...

If you need any help or have any suggestions, please let us know here...

We will always be glad to help you!

Also don't forget to watch my music video...

Again, welcome to our forum Laetans. We hope that your experience with us is tremendously benevolent!

P.S. Meet my family

My Wife -
My Daughter -
My Dog -

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I loved courage as a child. :D Welcome to PerC.
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