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Hello everybody,

My name is Mircea but I go by the username Laetans(just don't ask).I'm a 17 years old male teenager soon to be an 18 years old young adult!
I'm of Szekelys descent but I live in a Eastern European country called Romania(Despite the title)

Now why did I register?Well I found this site while I was searching information about the MBTI and since then I started reading different topics from different personalities.Some topics were very interesting,some were funny and ... some were ...kinda weird so its clearly my type of community!

My personality type was a dilemma,it was between ENFP or INFP and being a teenager, mood swings didn't help at all. Sometimes I feel introverted but sometimes I'm a full on extovert.And thanks to this site I found out that I'm just a weird ENFP

And now some things about me:

-I like poetry, long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick!Nah ,I was kidding ,about liking poetry and long walks.
-I'm an picky eater I always slice off the fat from a steak.
-I'm terrified of heights and centipedes!( I once climbed a tree and got stuck for like two hours)
-I hate fake people and people who judge others!
-I have a rather weird taste in music it ranges from genres like traditional pop to things like metalcore,deathcore and so on.
-I've been saving my allowance for like 5 years!
-My favorite movies are "Three Colors:Blue ;American Psycho;Blast from the past ; Inglorious Bastards".
-My favorite cartoon as a child is "Courage the cowardly dog"

And I can't think of any more at the moment.
So yeah,I'm glad to meet all of you,I'm glad to be here and cya!
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hi and welcome to the forum.
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