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I enjoy reading books where the main character is depicted as an INFJ. It's entertaining to read how the author describes their thought process. My ex used to read Piers Anthony (an INFJ author) and it was written from such a perspective. I only read about 100 pages of the first book, but it was interesting. However, the reason I started this thread was to list a quote from the new Neal Stephenson (author of Snow Crash) novel, Anathem. I am fairly confident that the main character is INFJ. What do you think?

To preface, Fraa Orolo (INTP would be my guess) is asking people who live outside of the walls of their confines some questions to get a grip on how the outside world has changed over the last ten years. The main character is supposed to be writing down the answers.
"Do your neighbors burn one another alive?" was how Fraa Orolo began his conversation with Atrisan Flec.
Embarrassment befell me. Embarrassment is something I can feel in my flesh, like a handful of sun-warmed mud clapped on my head.
"Do your shamans walk around on stilts?" Fraa Orolo asked, reading from a leaf that, judging by its browness, was at least five centuries old. Then he looked up and added hopefully, "You might call them pastors or witch doctors."
The embarrassment had turned runny. It was horrifying my scalp along a spreading frontier.
"When a child gets sick, do you pray? Sacrifice to a pointed stick? Or blame it on an old lady?"
Now it was sheeting warm down my face, clogging my ears and sanding my eyes. I could barely hear Fraa Orolo's questions: "Do you fancy you will see your dead dogs and cats in some sort of afterlife?"
Orolo had asked me along to serve as amanuensis. It was an impressive word, so I'd said yes.
He had heard that an artisan from extramuros had been allowed into the New Library to fix a rotted rafter that we could not reach with our ladders; it had only just been noticed, and we didn't have time to erect proper scaffolding before Apert. Orolo meant to interview that artisan, and he wanted me to write down what happened.
Through drizzly eyes, I looked at the leaf in front of me. It was as blank as my brain. I was failing.
But it was more important to take notes of what the artisan said. So far, nothing. When the interview had begun, he had been dragging an insufficiently sharp thing over a flat rock. Now he was just staring at Orolo.
"Has anyone you know ever been ritually mutilated because they were seen reading a book?"
Artisan Flec closed his mouth for the first time in quite a while. I could tell that the next time he opened it, he'd have something to say. I scratched at the edge of the leaf just to prove that my quill had not dried up. Fraa Orolo had gone quiet, and was looking at the artisan as if he were a newfound nebula in the eyepiece of a telescope.
Artisan Flec, "Why don't you just speel in?"
"Speel in," Fraa Orolo repeated to me, a few times, as I was writing it down.
I spoke in bursts because I was trying to write and talk at the same time: "When I came--that is, before I was Collected--we--I mean, they--had a thing called a speely . . . We didn't say 'speel in'--we said 'cruise the speely.' " Out of consideration for the artisan, I chose to speak in Fluccish, and so this staggering drunk of a sentence only sounded half as bad as if I'd said it in Orth. "It was a sort of--"
"Moving picture," Orolo guessed.
LOL, I love that part about amanuensis. Notice all the metaphors, something INFJ's are all too familiar with; we are probably the most likely to use metaphors in my experience. Anyway, I've only read about 100 pages (out of a thousand) so far, but the main character is quite entertaining to read. This is from the first two pages.
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