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Bordering between INTP and INTJ

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Well, this is absolutely crazy.

The first time I took MBTI test, I was mistyped as an INFP, and then after digging whole lot of things, concluded that I am an INTP.

As an INTP, I seemed to have access to my shadow functions, particularly Ni. It's been quite a while since I've been relying on my Ni. I highly suspect that it's Ni, since for some amount of time, I've been relying on my instincts and "visions" that came from inside my head.

And then few days back, after taking a Cognitive Functions test on similarminds, the result ended up as an INTJ. For some reasons, I tend to agree with the description of both INTP and INTJ. I somewhat tend to be an excellent planner like an INTJ, but am pretty much flexible and open-minded (no doubt INTJs are open minded as well), to the point I become indecisive and equally inclining to each and every choices.

So here's the thing I did. I started reading about dom-tert loops, and I related more to Ti-Si and Ti-Ni looping than to Ni-Fi looping.

But my conclusion is, I could be an INFJ with very low Fe, or an ISTP. But I can't be an ISTP, since I show really less amount of Se, which ends up as being extremely overindulgent when stressed.

I'm pretty damn sure about what my Enneagram type is. I've been typed as 5w6, 4w5 and 1w9 most of the time, and concluded that I'm a 5w6 sx/sp, tritype 514.

This is really getting absurd. I'd like to agree upon the fact that I'm either an INTP or an INFJ with low Fe, else I could just stick to the Enneagram.
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