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I think Alan Shore from Boston Legal is INFP.

He has his values he takes great importance to, and is very passionate about it, which improves his legal skills in a very persuavive way when giving closings, being in court.

What is your opinion on Alan Shore, and/or other characters from Boston Legal?

To add, Shirley Schmidt is so cold. She can fire anyone she wants without remorse. Te-dom. ESTJ I'd say? No wait, ENTJ for Shirley Schmit, and ESTJ for Denny Crane. Shirley is more quiet, and sees the bigger picture. Denny is more playful, outspoken, and detail-oriented. Or could Denny Crane be ESTP?

Paul Lewiston seems very cold, angry personality, yet introverted while he's quite quiet most of the time, and all. Obviously a thinker. Could he be ISTJ? He's quite oriented on, and concerned with, duty fullfilling things.

Jerry Espenson seems introverted too, but more intuitive. INTP perhaps? He shows some Ne-ish moments? But I'd say a thinker because he is very well focused and skilled on logic thingies. Katie Lloyd seems like a true Fe-personality, introverted too. She's very caring for Jerry for example, but also a very modest personality. ISFJ maybe?

What do you guys think?
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