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Hey everyone!
I'm really stoked to find that there's a community like this out there, so am looking forward to exploring with you all :)

For a long time I thought there was something wrong with the way I think - in fact I was told so by a lot of people - and researched areas like depression and psychopathy etc., which kind of fitted but just didn't quite gel with me.

Then I found the 16personalities website and took the test, to be classified as ENTP and my mind was blown by the eerie and uncanny accuracy of the profile! Right down to interactions, work style and relationships, it was very revealing.
Also it was liberating to find that there's not this one magic path we should all be on, but that I could use my personality to its full potential and that the areas I'm different to others can be strengths if I choose to frame them that way, the same as everyone else. People's past criticisms and my doubts suddenly lost almost all their weight in my mind, as I'm sure many of you have found too.

I'm a musician setting up to start doing proper recording at home, soon to embark on an NLP practitioner course, and I have an interest in religion and social dynamics.

Looking forward to chatting!

Peace and Power

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