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We're all balloons.
And here you are, just floating along, minding your own business. And here comes this other balloon. He says to you, quite bluntly, "you are so ugly."
Well, goodness! Another balloon said it, it must be true. You realize at this point, you seem to have gotten...smaller. Some of the air has escaped you. And two more balloons, they see this, and they know that this must be taken advantage of. You hear whispers; words like, "ugly", "stupid", "useless", "unwanted". And with every word you hear, a bit more air escapes you.
What's this, now? You're in a place you've never been before. You're no longer surrounded by clouds and tree tops and birds. You're....on the ground.
Squirrel comes along. Squirrel says to his buddy, he says "Hey, Maurice! Look at this sad, frumpy little dead thing, over here! Pathetic."
And here you are. The seasons pass. You've been trampled on and overlooked. You don't really care though; you don't really feel anything. You're just a lump. A shriveled up, dead lump.
There's this tiny butterfly, and she has a broken wing. She's cold, and she's frightened, and she's homeless. When she sees you, she doesn't see your lifeless skin, she sees shelter. She crawls inside, and there she says, "My, but isn't it warm in here!" And what's this? You feel yourself get a little...puffy. Like a little bit of life has been blown back into you. Butterfly falls asleep.
By morning, your skin has been stretched just enough to become translucent again. She sees the sun filter through in a soft pink hue. She says, "My, I didn't realize before how beautiful you are, balloon!" And there you go, puffing out again, becoming slowly revived. And suddenly, you feel yourself...hovering! You're just above the ground. And Butterfly, she says, "Balloon! I never thought I could fly again, and look what you've done! I'm flying!! Thank you, Balloon! I love you and I need you!"
There you go, soaring further and further up. Nothing anyone says to you now matters; just look at this beautiful creature inside you, telling you how wanted and beautiful you are!
You have a butterfly inside you.
Listen to it.
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