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Byron Katie: "The Work" :)

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Hi beautiful people :) how are you today?

I have a question: Has someone of you experiences with "The Work" of Byron Katie?
Did it work?
What did you feel like afterwards?

Because for me it mostly works extremely good :O
and I was wondering now how you feel about it :)
Have a nice day!!
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What is it?!
its kind of a technique to disable your stressful toughts, or at least to realize that they are never totally true which automatically reduces their impact on your life. :happy:
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I read it. I might actually own a copy. However, despite liking it, I never did the exercises. I'm bad at doing optional homework.
Never heard of it, will have to look into it now.

I usually just disappear in nature and meditate when I'm overly stressed.
As I recall, it's basically about looking at things from a different perspective. That in turn probably is an example of Ni.
I just discovered Byron Katie, and I have been doing pretty much the same things she teaches. Few years ago I found myself in a peace of mind and happiness almost despite the circumstances. It's unbelievable how you can just let yourself be if you deal rationally with your negative thoughts. Or sweep them away by accepting them. Almost scary, if you use it in bad, like nazis were able to live with theirselves doing horrible things and not let it affect them.

Most of the problems you have are in your mind, and those few that aren't - if you can't affect them, accept them. So simple. My problem is I often accept too much.
I only heard of it after essentially having arrived at a similar method and similar conclusions with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy, ie. applying a framework of recognizing and intercepting destructive thought patterns through observation and questioning ones own convictions. IMO that's something Katie's method does rather effectively, in a manner that's concise and accessible.
I love Byron Katie's The Work and some of my colleagues use it (interestingly enough another INFP colleague of mine) as a form of REBT therapy in a clinical setting. I have found it's very valuable for me and I even keep extra copies of worksheets in a file for myself when I have an issue with irrational thinking. I don't really use it as a stress management technique, but more for stuff that are starting to get out of hand with my imagination and unique sets of everyday challenges.

I recommend it to anyone though I'd recommend reading about it rather than watching any videos as, in my experience at least, the videos can come off as a bit overly enthusiastic and seem like a motivational speaker type thing rather than an actual application of a theory of clinical psychology which has enormously beneficial results and lowers an individual's risk of a recurrence of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Edit to add: There's a children's book based on The Work which is called, "Tiger Tiger is it true?" My children own this and we review it when they start saying irrational things.
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