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Byron Katie: "The Work" :)

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Hi beautiful people :) how are you today?

I have a question: Has someone of you experiences with "The Work" of Byron Katie?
Did it work?
What did you feel like afterwards?

Because for me it mostly works extremely good :O
and I was wondering now how you feel about it :)
Have a nice day!!
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I love Byron Katie's The Work and some of my colleagues use it (interestingly enough another INFP colleague of mine) as a form of REBT therapy in a clinical setting. I have found it's very valuable for me and I even keep extra copies of worksheets in a file for myself when I have an issue with irrational thinking. I don't really use it as a stress management technique, but more for stuff that are starting to get out of hand with my imagination and unique sets of everyday challenges.

I recommend it to anyone though I'd recommend reading about it rather than watching any videos as, in my experience at least, the videos can come off as a bit overly enthusiastic and seem like a motivational speaker type thing rather than an actual application of a theory of clinical psychology which has enormously beneficial results and lowers an individual's risk of a recurrence of symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Edit to add: There's a children's book based on The Work which is called, "Tiger Tiger is it true?" My children own this and we review it when they start saying irrational things.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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