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Hi all,

An ENFP writes you for some advice. My personality will sound familiar: a million different interests, not particularly good at finishing things, drawn towards creative fields, loud personality, a bit hedonistic, also a bit of a risk-taker.

I am considering a career in finance. I have always had an interest in economics, and in my spare time I read the financial press and books about economic theory.

Will all those numbers, rules and the general corporate environment drive an ENFP crazy? You decide!


1. What particular Finance Sector job titles might suit an ENFP particularly well?
2. What is the required level of education required to enter said titles?
3. Are there any ENFPs that can share experiences working in that field?


A major issue is that I am not a strong mathematician. I got through high school, but by college I dropped math all together, as I found it very hard work to maintain merely average grades. I never really enjoyed math-intensive work, and quickly forgot what I learnt.

Moving into finance would essentially be a career change. I am nearing completion of undergrad (media and communication major, fine arts minor, plus a Diploma of Education). I was very lucky to gain experience as an executive in the NGO sector shortly after leaving high school - a position I still hold.

One motivation for the shift is for economic reasons. I want to earn a decent salary prior to completion of postgrad study (which I would only be able to do part-time, or much later down the track). My earlier idea of attempting to enter the media and/or education sector will likely be thwarted by tough economic conditions in those sectors, amplified by my lack of experience.

At one stage I had a brief, fledgling career as an artist and pro-am athlete, but those got dumped due to economic conditions as well. (My lousy self-discipline and lack of mental toughness was also a key factor).

Many thanks,

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