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Can anyone relate to this?

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Hi everyone,
Ive been lurking on a few personality type forums, mainly INTP, INTJ, ISFP and INFP; and, like alot of people, Ive been trying to figure out where I fit in to it all.
I've taken a few different Myers Briggs style test and my results seem to alter depending on my mood.
If I'm feeling low I'll score INTP or INTJ, where as if I'm feeling happy I'll score INFP or ISFP.
I can relate to a number of the qualities listed for all 4 types, but the one that really seemed to fit me was the 'Idealistic' qualities of the INFP.
I have a strong moral compass and will passionatly and somewhat recklessly defend an ideal, no matter how small it may appear to others. I dislike petty rules and bureaucracy, they lack substance and life, and to some degree patronize the rules I try and live by.
I can also relate to the need to avoid conflict, be peaceful and relaxed, and also to expect others to bare their soul to me whilst revealing as little of myself as I dare.
I can be very objective and remove myself and my view points from debate and see things as I believe others do. I can be very blunt; and perhaps aware until after the damage has been done that what I said was quite hurtful.
I don't want to lead or be lead, I simply want people to allow me the freedom I allow them.
I love media and art; seeing beautiful and challenging things really is a huge part of me.
I need to spend about 60-65% of my time alone into order to function and feel rested. I need space and stillness to think and evaluate. People can feel like the static on a television, blinding and nonsensical. Sometimes it feels debilitating; stuck between a rock and a hard place. I may loathe being on my own at times, but people do not seem worth the effort and those that are will never truely see what I',m like.

I get this is kind of rambling and not very linear, but if any of you could be kind enough to give me a few pointers, links, personal experiences, etc on self typing I'd be very grateful :).
Thanks in advance, J x
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You sound INFP! :)
Well, you sound a lot like me, and I'm an INXP.
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