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Hi, so I came up with an eight question MBTI test because I've had a hard time typing myself. I'd like to try to type other people with it to see how accurate it is. Please only answer the questions if you already know what type you are or include that you don't know your type at the beginning of your post. Thanks so much to anyone who helps out! :)

If someone came to you and asked you to make a decision about something, what would your thought process be?

It would depend on the decision as well as the person asking, so my answer could range from an internal eye roll and walking away to saying "Let me get back to you on that" to "Come back to my place; I need more information" to "You make the decision, I don't know squat about [that] to "Done on the spot, no obvious thinking because I am familiar with the subject."

If you had to choose between being alone in a room with things to do but no one to communicate with for a weekend or being around a group of friends constantly for a weekend, which would you choose and why?

I have been alone for more than one weekend, many times in my life. I read; I danced; I wrote what I'd eventually publish; I did yoga; I took walks; I did basic weight training; sometimes I went out and had some drinks. Why? I enjoyed all that. Now, my list of what to do would be: Skip the liquor; no dancing; play with my pet rat, Pickles; read; do gentle range-of-motion and not a lot of yoga; no weight training; meditate more than once a day: Late morning, before bed...

Why the change? I'm a heck of a lot older since the last time I spent a weekend alone, and my diseases, chronic pain has gotten worse.

If someone came to you and asked you to explain the way you view the people and things in the world, what would you tell them?

It would depend on who the "someone" was--much like the first question, possibilities... but mainly?

I don't explain myself to anyone who asks direct questions. I don't like "reporter" B.S. (and I used to be a reporter; quit because I didn't like the way reporting was done; I still don't): Intrusive.

Now, if someone--with whom I jibe--and I are having a voluntary, mutually open back-n-forth, how I view [whatever] would naturally come up as would the other person answering in his or her way. Nothing forced, staged, gimmicky, or glauming on each other.

Would you rather improvise everything you do for the next five years or plan out everything you want to do in the next five years and stick to it?

It isn't possible for any human being to stick to a Five Year Plan. Hell, it isn't possible for any human being to draw up a One Day Plan and truly follow through on every detail; that would require no emergencies, nothing accidental or unexpected, no flux, i.e. nothing "real" going on, and we are talking here--at least I am, about Real Life, not Pie in the Sky or Perfect Paper Work.

If you had to choose between being true to yourself and not making someone happy or doing what would make someone happy even if you didn’t particularly want to, which would you choose?

Depends on whose need is paramount, which changes from situation to situation; again, Real Life. So, more often than not, I choose my own happiness; I'm human like that; however, many times I put aside my own needs for someone's greater need. I used to do it a lot more often because I came up hard, within a messy family--and I did a lot of clean up for relatives, e.g. helping with having a niece and a nephew put in foster care then given up for adoption. My response was immediate; it hurt like hell; and I did the right thing... then walked away from not only that relative but all my relatives:

I could only play Christ-like for so long; and damn I did quite a long gig at it.

Would you rather have someone tell you why something is the way it is or tell you how to do get something done?

Tell me how to get something done; I am free to follow that person's opinion or disregard it, whereas "telling me why..." Eh, I can do that kind of work for myself: Research, for instance? Love it; always have; maybe I always will.

If someone tells you a story, are you more likely to focus only on what happens or relate it to something you’re familiar with?

I don't know what kind of story, so I can't answer this question until you provide me with more precise information: True story; fictional; something that resonates for me; something I care little to nothing about? If I'm uninterested in a story, I don't waste my time listening to it.

Which would be easier for you to reply to and why? 1. Tell me a lot of different things that could happen in X situation! 2. Tell what’s going to happen in X situation.

#2 because I am the kind of person to generate ideas. My husband and I have joked with an undercurrent of seriousness that I am the idea's person and he is the one to do the work.

Also, I am a natural brain-stormer. One example, in a psych class many years ago, the professor had us break into groups of four and come up--in five minutes--with as many possible uses for a pair of pantyhose as we could until the timer went off.

I came up with something like 25 out of 27 answers, and I paused to allow others to jump in, but they just sat there, so I said things like, "use as a tourniquet; make a hammock for a hamster; hang a naughty Barbie doll; use in place of cheesecloth as a strainer; wear under slacks when you're cold--if Joe Namath could, and did, we can too... And like that, our team won.

NOTE: Every time I try posting this to the thread, i get an error reading: I must have at least 1 character. Hell, look how many there are! I've tried Refreshing the page, going away, closing PerC, coming back in, shutting down the computer and reloading, et cetera... i still get that message.

So I'm parking the questions and my answers here.

If anyone who thinks he or she is good at typing wants to give this a look and contact me, go for it. Otherwise, just read and enjoy, or not.

P.S. I took a really long Socionics (beta) test today and got INFj which corresponds to MBTI (close enough) INFJ which I had listed as my type, but then ill, going through medicine withdrawals I took it out for a couple days and left Unknown in there.

I have INFj and EII back in there, now.

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INFj in Socionics is INFP in MBTI.
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