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If it's not prepared right?

Basically my brother and his girlfriend prepared a whole meal, and they saved me some... which was really nice of them.
But they're both really new to cooking and they had never cooked octopus before.

So they said I should just eat it at my own risk, they didn't even have much of it themselves.
I don't mind if it's not that great or it's a little tough, I just want to know how dangerous it can be.
They boiled and cooked some. and they also just boiled some.
They looked up online how to clean it out and they did that. though one tentacle has a tiny bit of black, so I have to wonder if that's ink
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If it's still moving, yes. It does have the potential to kill you.
If you're unsure of how well it's cooked, it should be firm. If it makes you feel better, "warm it up" on the stove yourself. But it being a little raw won't likely kill you (as with most things that end up a little raw. You just might not like it as much though).
If the black spot you see is in fact ink, it's safe to eat. It's pretty much melanin anyways, and is used as a sauce in some foods. Again, if it makes you feel better, cut that part off.
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