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A few months back I was prescribed Prozac for social anxiety & depression.

Before I started the Prozac, I was a very moody, sensitive person. I was the type of person to take things to heart, and I felt emotions very intensely. It was debilitating. Although I'd feel ecstatic while I was happy, the moment I'd feel down, everything would come crashing down with me. I've mostly always tested as INFP or ENFP.

But I've noticed significant changes in my personality since the Prozac began to take effect. My mood swings are pretty much non-existent now. Emotions no longer cloud my judgement and I've been able to make decisions more rationally without getting worked up about things. I wouldn't say that I became emotionless... I just feel like I experience emotions like a normal human being now, instead of having intense mood swings.

The interesting part is the fact that in the past few months, I've been testing as INTP and ISTP. I posted a "type me" video on a few different websites the other day, and most people say I seem like a Ti-dom.

What I'm wondering now is... Assuming that types *can't* change, was I an IxTP all along, who mistyped as an INFP due to mental illness? Or am I just typing as a Ti-dom due to the emotionally-numbing effects of Prozac? I can't tell if this is the "real me" behind all of the mood problems, or if the meds are just making me act different.

Anyways, I didn't intend for this post to be all about me lol.
I mostly just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced something similar.
Do you think medication can have an effect on personality type? I'd like to hear other’s thoughts & experiences.
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