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I believe that I exhibit traits of both INTJ and ISTJ. I could go into extreme detail on this by forming a list of commonly associated traits of each type then marking through the ones I don't agree with. That however, would take a long time so for the sake of punctuality I shall try my best to keep it simple.

I am satisfied with the assignment of the "I" variable for the interaction slot of my personality.
I am undecided regarding the variable assignment for the processing slot of my personality.
I am satisfied with the assignment of the "T" variable for the decision making slot of my personality.
I am satisfied with the assignment of the "J" variable for the approach slot of my personality.

Yes, I do focus on the facts/details and consider myself a realist but, that does not mean I can't be imaginative. Let me give an example; In games like Minecraft, were creativity plays a big role, I typically build functional and practical structures. However, once I feel confident in the design, I often go back and add simple but effective creative choices.

Did I tell you I am an inspiring musician, a lot of people say I can draw even though I don't believe them, I also do software design and development, gaming and cooking. I also have a profound interest in particle physics, chemistry, and geology occasionally spending hours on end researching them with no particular reason or goal at all.

Even though these are all hobbies, I do wish to turn some of them into careers one day. I actually work at a fast food restaurant as a graveyard shift crew and backup maintenance just in case something breaks in the middle of the night. Apparently, I'm really good at fixing things even without prior training.

I often find myself thinking that I could describe my personality as if I have a big, strong, smart, cold, and calculating brother/sister protecting there little, sensitive, creative brother/sister. I can't actually tell you which ones on the inside or outside and often it feels as if they switch places.

So it seems I am both practical and imaginative. I don't know if its possible, but that's the answer I feel satisfied with.

What say you guys? :)
P.S. I'm a spooky ghost oOooOoOoooOooOoo :ghost2: :D
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