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INTP 5w4 359 autistic
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His personality traits are:
  • cheerful
  • well-mannered
  • talkative and outgoing
  • extrovert but has no friends, just many acquitances, most if not all of which are adult authority figures (e.g. teachers, therapists etc)
  • Serious and has no sense of humour
  • Mature for his age
  • Detail-oriented
  • Dedicated
  • Needs alone time and silence to think and concentrate
  • Literally autistic and has an eating disorder. Used to be overweight and struggled with food addiction, but went vegan and developed anorexia nervosa and became underweight. Very concerned with appearance.
  • Curious
  • Independent
  • Overprotected and lives in a group home and hates most people there
  • A lot of childhood trauma
  • No sense of self and changes his first name a lot.
  • Very interested in MBTI, horror fiction, psychoactive drugs, and weight loss
  • Enthralled by the internet but not allowed it. It is the hallmark of his life. School laptops are his lifeline and without internet access he feels his life is extremely boring and monotonous.
  • First ever 16Personalites result was INTP but has mistyped as INFP, ENFP, ENTP, ISFP, ESFP and ISTP loads of times.
  • Talkative around introverts, but shy around extroverts
  • Vulnerable and easily manipulated
Overall I think the reason why he is more outgoing and cheerful than many other teenagers is because he has had to go without technology and the internet for long periods of time and interact with others in the real world.

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Yea I don't see much INTPness there. 16Personalities isn't even an MBTI/Jungian test, but Big5.
Hard to say with all the childhood trauma and psychological issues, but for a long time now I've thought some FJ is more likely. To me you seem more textbook Introverted (= protective/defensive) Feeler so an extravert perceiving type (NP) is excluded. Consider how difficult it is accepting different perspectives for your own ideas, if it makes you anxious or not.

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Considering INFJ because of his 'Extroverted' Introverted function.

Talkative around introverts, but shy around extroverts
I have a friend (INFJ) that's like this. She also has no one to consider her friends, but she acts very extroverted at times. I (INFJ) am also sometimes mistyped as an extrovert. I am very talkative around introverts, but shy around extroverts, as you said. I was cheerful and outgoing, but after 2 weeks or so, I had to stay alone to recharge.

  • Enthralled by the internet but not allowed it. It is the hallmark of his life. School laptops are his lifeline and without internet access he feels his life is extremely boring and monotonous.
Could be INTJ as well because of his monotonous.
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Honestly, I have no idea what kind of personality he has.

But I want to say the following: not the mere presence of personality traits makes them characteristic of certain personality types.

But "it is possible that" if the feature "X", "Y", "Z" is present, it can be the "K" type of personality.

This was one of the most important things I found out recently, after a long time of following and analyzing the typologies.

The difference lies in the motivation behind those traits and in the form of their expression. Things that are harder to analyze (and tell). It's about shades.

Practically, in reality : an individual with any type of personality can have any character traits. The differences comes from the way in which the respective personality traits are manifested (their expression) and the motivation behind those traits. That's why I say you can't know for sure a personality type just based on what you see.

The most important thing is what you don't see. That is "why that and not otherwise?". And this is hard to find, it takes a lot of analysis and experience.

For example: you may say that if someone is loyal (and he values it high) he may be xxFJ because usually that's true and they value loyalty pretty high.
The thing is any personality type can value loyalty, but in a different way. They can have different interpretation on "loyalty", different boundaries, different forms of expression.

Just an opinion.
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